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Probably has a kitchen knife behind her back she just can't wait to show you.
Underrated comic.
inb4 Grilver wins the race.
How is he going to survive the race on foot let alone win?
This has so much potential for hidden reference color pallets.
Pretty boy

Pick one
I don't have any characters.
When is this getting a sequel?
October 16th, 2017
Wait what..?
Lex is shorter than the doorknob, lol.
A character that hasn't seen screen time in ages.
"Go...BIG BEAM ATTACK" vegeta
I blame the Disney corporateion.
This reboot didn't last very long.
Some of these textboxes are so small I didn't even noticed them the first time.
Shading on her shoes make them look like morning slippers. Does her tail just come out of her whole back? It basically covers the more then the height of the torso.
I could use a good laugh if you reboot this.
His sprites have that "lets put a black shade on things and then sometimes lets not", like his gloves for examples.
Whats that pixlated blurry mess in the top left?