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RE remake
Resident Evil Zombies
So I'm guessing Avengers plot got canned?
There's plenty of Edgy people here :^)
I knew this was coming at some point.
He could hulk rage mode =p
Baby Grilver was better. :^)
*finger guns*
@Smiffy SMF <3: That's where you're wrong kiddo.

(somehow I missed like 5 pages)
So what's left now that the race is over? Who dies?
Eh, things on indefinite hiatus, I'll pass.
Less of a literal incarnation of Boruto as a series and more "just moving along in the same Naruto universe" even tho the original Naruto story ended.

One Piece to some degree achieves this with (somewhat contrived) story arcs.

Are u saying this is the one and only story worth telling in the universe {MUTE} took place in?
Just go the "Boruto" route.
I thought from the anime trailer it was a truck that ran her over.
Still better then a Chevy Malibu.
Probably has a kitchen knife behind her back she just can't wait to show you.
Underrated comic.
inb4 Grilver wins the race.
How is he going to survive the race on foot let alone win?