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Call me as you wish. I won't bite (especially not through the internet). I'm much younger than my stated age. I love to draw and I like to sing. I'm not gay, though I love BL/Yaoi/Lemon/Shounen ai/Gayness/etc. I'm a Fudanshi. I'm girly and I have a terrible personality.
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I'm so YOUNG!!!!!
Man! Reading all these comments above me about how long they've read this comic makes me feel so young... I just started reading the whole thing 2 days ago... I'm soooo in love with it, too! Heldrad-san, you should become a world famous artist!
Oh god, I loved that comic! The ending was sad, though...
To The Sky!!!
Lol I was listening to Owl City's To The Sky and I realized that the song and this 'competition' fit nicely! ^_^
That was beautiful! I loved it! You did a great job on this!
That was absolutely refreshing! I would've cried if it weren't for my friend poking me and playing with my hair! GREAT JOB!
What a beautiful work of art! Such beautiful colors! It's amazing! Great work!
That was beautiful! Simply beautiful! The colors were magnificent! Just magnificent!
That was such a cute comic! The ending was also adorable! You did well!
This comic was so heart-touching! It was beautiful! This is definitely going in my 'Remember until the day I die' list!