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Devin The rapping plummber
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Maybe it's just very strong stomach acid that leaves a poison like after effect?
@SilentDusk: Then he should find a program that doesn't compress gif images.
What is this cat MADE out of? Feather-weight jelly?
@star kirby12:
Well I got infinity cookies, that I got out of the oven infinitely close to zero seconds ago.
Actually, not all of the things in NSMB are actual 3d models, but rather pre-rendered. Still a stupid idea to use it as a style though, especially like this.
Wasn't part of the moon blown up in Sonic Adventure 2?
His "Nose" is his mouth, and his "Tongue" is a weird beard.
Am I the only one who doesn't really like it that much? It's just pretty... average. Not bad, just not anything exceptional.
This is only in the I-Tunes version, and she'll continue to be normal in later episodes. Stop crying over it.
If it is but a dream, i'm still real because I think therefor I am.
Oh god I LOVED the Flim Flam brothers. Probably the best villains on the show, right behind Discord and Trixie, if you count her, of course. They better return in Season 3.
@lern2surture: Aaand, that makes up for them being, or is an excuse for them being immature... how?
I'm on the middle ground here. While Hasbro SHOULD think about people who can't normally get Pony Episodes, pony archives were WAY off and made them selves sound WAY immature. They didn't try to take a peaceful route, kindly explain what they were doing to Hasbro, and tried to get them to understand! They just said FUCK YOU! What do you think this does to Hasbro's view on the fanbase? It fucking RUINS it!
If Hasbro can find a way to get our 3rd World bronies on the action, then i'm on their side, but until then, i'm on the fence about this, waiting for either side to start talking this out.
I was extremely disappointed when the Mysterious Mare Do Well WASN'T Trixie. :c
I agree Diamors, she should of killed him AFTER she house sit for him, so she'll still get the pay.
Guys, I prefer the original Endermen.
You could of at least make him tall and skinny like the Endermen are compared to Steve.
@lexiedark Obviously the pony that was with Dinky took from her father.