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Matt: Sorry to hear that, man.

Alba: It has been known to have that effect.

Joshua: I dig love, dude. I dig it. :P
First of all, Avril Lavigne is a fine singer. No offense meant to those that enjoy her music. I actually personally like this song, but I can see where it could definitely be annoying to some people. Gokmen is one of those people. :P

I was going to have this up yesterday, but I (obviously) didn't finish it in time. Just as I was coming in to the home stretch, my laptop went very screwy. As I write, it is sitting upstairs, turned over, with every screw but one out. I really need a new one; Toshiba doesn't know how to make a decent laptop. I've had problems with it since day one. Unfortunately, they tend to cost money, something I don't have much of.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this strip. Send me any comments, questions, complaints, and pink stuffed monkeys (it is getting close to Valentine's) you have. :D
Briianz: A month or so. Sorry about that.

Crash: Sure. :P

Aleisson: Thanks. :)
TKGB: Thanks. Photoshop CS3. You'll love it. :P

Great Yoshi: Ayep. And thank you. :D

Omega: Truly honored. :)

Tyto Alba: Not dead yet. :P
Slowly, ever so very slowly, the creativity begins to return. Hopefully you'll enjoy this comic; it took a little brainstorming to come up with anything with any humor at all. :P

I'm hoping to update BOG with a new strip each Monday from now on. I'll prolly miss some the first few weeks, like a small infant learning to walk wobbles and falls. But the effort is still there. Ugh. That was a terrible analogy.

So enjoy. And don't feel shy to comment. Or rate, fave, complain, criticize. You know, the usual. :P
E-Man: I'm not a rabid "ZOMG TEH HALOZ IS WIN" Halo fan, but I will say this: Halo 3 is a very solid game. And, in my opinion, the Halo series is actually pretty tame, especially compared to other M-rated games. I still do love Mario games, though.
comic king: Haha. Well, maybe not epic. But who am I to argue with a fan? :P

TDJ: Dancing and adding chocolate milk are two actions that do not go well together. I've heard the outcome is neither good for the chocolate milk nor the counter it is spilling on. As for Halo 3 vs [other FPS], I'm not really going to get into the politics of that. ;)

duck: Thanks to both. :)
Dragonman: I did. Break out the amazing face.

Kefka: Haha. Yes, that makes me very happy. I can now die a happy dude. :D
You know what's fun about TG? Just when you think he's dead and gone, never to return, he tiptoes back in, hopefully making the wait worth it. Hopefully.

Yes, I do realize that this is Halo, which is a Microsoft thing. But when I started this comic, I had the intention of making a comic set in the Nintendo world, but spanning all of video games in general. Plus, now you get to see Goombas in Master Cheif armor. :P

Now this did take a long, long, long time. Probably a total time of 18 hours or so. Maybe even more. Obviously, I didn't do this all in one sitting. I at least try to have a life, and something like that might hurt my aspirations toward one. But the important thing: it was done with Photoshop CS3! :O

That's right, I finally upgraded that ancient PS7 into a beautiful Creative Suite, third in the line of heirs to the Photoshop throne. Yeah, I'm cheesy. But I do like CS3 a lot. It's highly customizable, and it takes a lot less memory to run than PS7 (which definitely a good thing, when you consider the measly 500 megs of RAM I have on my lappy. It does take some getting used to, even from PS7, but it's worth it. All that is, of course, if you can afford it.

In other news, I updated the site layout a bit today. Read about it if you like.

So anyways, hope you enjoy this strip. Questions, comments, favs, ratings, complaints, and ninjas with electric blades are all appreciated.

Hello all. Yeah I finally updated this place. First, let me say that I really am sorry. I personally hate it when people have good comics/sites/blogs/etc that they never update. So I'm really sorry about the lack of content here lately. Life has been hectic, and I haven't had the time or the sense of humor for a (decent) strip in a long time. But I thought this was at least alright, so I went with it.

This one only took about 2 hours, which is pretty amazing for me. Something like this would have taken me at least 4 or 5 back when I first started these. So I guess that's an improvement. Then again, I didn't have to do any gestures or crazy expressions with any characters, there's hardly any there to begin with (just one, in case you have trouble with counting).

But I'm happy with it visually. As for the humor, it's alright, but it prolly won't get you rolling on the floor or busting a kidney.

As for the status of this comic and what I'm going to do with it, look at this news post.

Enjoy. Questions, comments, concerns, ratings, and pancakes are all encouraged. But no butter on those, please.
jaffar: Thanks. I wouldn't call it genius or even anything close, though. More like moderately amusing...

Rott: Apparently so. I'm not complaining about anything. :)

This strip really isn't meant to be taken seriously. Just for laughs.
Dun dun dun...

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating foreeeeever. Things have been poppin and crackin over here, so I haven't had much time for internets. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this comic.

In case anyone is wondering, this is all just playful joking. I'm not angry about not having 100 fans. In fact, I'm grateful to even have over 30. Thanks guys. :)
Looks like I hit the nail on the head with Yax. That was really supposed to be the punchline. Glad people are enjoying it.
Hey peoples. Short post today, because these keys are huge and clunky.

This one is later than I wanted it to be. Mainly because I just couldn't think of any jokes that would work. But it's here.

I got some practice on facial expressions in this one, which is a pretty weak point for me. I think the second panel Yax and third panel Gokmen came out almost perfect. They have some definite room for improvement, but it's a big step up from where I've been.

The total time was only about 1 1/2 hours, which is quick for me. Maybe I'm getting faster. Or maybe I'm just getting lazier... Either way, I'm happy about the shortness.

Comments, questions, ratings, and pens with ink are all welcomed. Seriously, if you're gonna give me a pen, make sure it has ink in it.

And you know what else? You need to watch this video. It's insanely catchy.
To the mysterious one they call "Guest": Not dead yet. And thank you. :)

TGYR: I prefer Visa, but discover will do. I was starting to wonder why various items in my house were suddenly disappearing. I do feel slightly better knowing it was just some thief from the internets. So how much does this card have on it?

Tolneir: I wouldn't exactly call it wonderful or a drawing, but yes I did the stuff in the first panel from scratch. I wouldn't be able to tell you right here how to do it. You have to know a lot about Photoshop to do it. I started with simple circle vector shapes and used a lot of layer effects. I'd have to write a big tutorial on how to do it, though.

The Echidnatic Ghost: But how can you expect poor, ignorant Goombas such as Yax to know such things? He just says whatever comes to him.
It's been a long while since you got your last healthy dose of Goomba. Never fear, for your prescription is now refilled. Hahaha haha, ha. ha... hm... Yes, that was intended to be cheesy.

Anyway, on to the comic. This one didn't take long to make, since a lot of it was already pre-made. I got the idea a while before Vesna was even introduced. I started making the strip way back, even though I didn't have a lady for the part. Vesna showed up, and it worked, but I had to wait until after the rescue and things cooled down a bit. I know, it's bad to build your characters around the story, you need to build the story around the characters, etc. But I'm kinda rusty with this, it's been a few months since the last strip. So it will do for now, despite the predictability and steroetypicalness. I think I just invented two words.

So, have the 78 of you been wondering night and day where I've been? Have you not been able to sleep at night knowing that I might be in danger? No? Good. Cause that would be pretty weird. But you prolly wondered at least once in this two-month-long absence of mine why you aren't getting the comics you signed up for. Okay, even if you didn't, I'm telling you anyway.

I got burnt out of making comics for a while. I was kinda stressing over each one and deadlines and Photoshop OH MY! Basically, I lost all motivation, and the comics lost all their appeal. I couldn't think of one good joke to save my life, and I wasn't to thrilled about the 2-3 hours I'd spent clicking around Photoshop after the idea surfaced. But I think I'm back now, so you can all smile and give me your credit cards. Though I can't officially recommend the latter.

I'd like to do a story arc soon, but I don't really have any ideas right now. Not any good ones, anyway. If you think you have a good plot, let me know. But please, no spoofs. Those are kinda old, mostly unoriginal, and I suck at them.

If you have not seen this movie you must. Must. Remember that ax that 16 pulled out to free the Goombess? He will not hesitate to commit murder with it on my word. So go see Ocean's Eleven. Now. I usually fall behind the culture, so I completely missed this movie when it came out back in 01. It's a great movie, though. What does this movie have to do with anything? Nothing at all. It's just what you get for reading the author comments. :P

Questions, comments, concerns, ratings, and, of course, snack-cakes are all encouraged.
BKJax: Thanks. (You lie...)

No really, I'm glad you enjoy it nonetheless. Even if I didn't. :)

jaffar255: Photoshop 7.

KrazyKat: You have my word. It's good. Know you do know.

Masterweaver: That's... probably not supposed to make sense. But thanks anyway. I guess.

Well, I found some internet access in my travels. So what that means you get a comic a few days early! OMG!

You would have gotten it earlier, but for the last few days (when I wasn’t ignoring angry mothers, characters in costumes and Mickey Mouse ears [meaning walking around Disney World]) I’ve been living and breathing this one magnificent comic. I wont post the link here, as it has some… stuff. But just know that it is the greatest comic I’ve EVER seen. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s SO FRIGGIN GOOD, it’s evil. Because of it's grandeur, I’m feeling really inferior now, and it’s making me lazy. I know BOG is not half as good as that comic, so it’s making it extremely difficult to come up with anything fresh. I’m not looking for your sympathy here, though. I’m just explaining why THAT atrocity up there is staring you in the face. The art is pretty much the exact same as two comics back, and the joke makes me groan every time I look at it.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to shake this mood I’m in soon. In the meantime, try to deal with me. I guarantee I’ll be impossible until then.
Comic Radd: Any F-bombs found past this point will be confiscated with no refund. Really. That was uncalled for.

The rest of everybody: If you're going to comment, please stay on topic. There are other places to discuss MKDS and how much you love/despise snaking. Thanks. :)