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I have nothing to describe. ; O ;

If you are a GAIA user, please feel free to add me.

My user is Tangelo, of course. :3
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That one was LONG. :B

xD Ahahaha. I just imagined a version of Beauty and the Beast with Red and Oukami. ¢¾¢¾¢¾
D: How meeean. Dx

*Wallows in sadness; Sniff sniff*

(And I like the new outlining I thought it looked different. And I love Rothbart's face in the second panel ¢¾)
Dx You make such cute things! ¢¾
xD I wish I laughed like 'mew hew hew'

I sound like a girl version of Steve Urkel, but cuter. D:

Their carvats are really, really, really really really reee-heeeally long.
xDD Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Update soon! :]

@Vashti- Yeah. xD I want an itty-bitty crown. @___@
:] Who wears short-shorts?

Accompanied by fishnets? :3
:] I love Rothbart's face in the second-to-last panel. D: <3
Rockfart. <3 xD
xD <3 Aww. D:

I think I'll possibly have to make pretty drawings now. º 3º
I've been lurking around this comic, and I made an account so I could give you fanart and tell you how fantastic it is.

Keep up the fantastic work!

(Oooh, blue-haired brothers. º w º)