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December 3rd, 2015
Welcome back!
I'm in my late 20s and I don't really care if people think I look young but it can be weird in places where people need you to be a certain age to do stuff. I've been carded every time I go to buy a M rated video game. Last time, one of the people behind the counter went so far as to ask if my parents were around so that I could buy it. I earned such a priceless face, mix of shock and embarrassment, when he saw my license's DOB. He kept apologizing to me throughout the entire check out. So it can be pretty fun sometimes too.
I look forward to your return!
Growing pains~~
Eat your ice cream!!!
September 30th, 2014
Cute little sleepy kitty on this page. :D
Oh Gosh. Twist Ending! Haha. That is awesome.
Oh gosh, the silent flails note! Perfect. Such a good library volunteer.
A movie with a giant rabbit?! How could she say no?
Oh gosh.. that face! I love this comic so much!
Guess he isn't lucky enough to be in a game where you can 'heal' undead to destroy them. With super powerful heals he could probably level pretty easy in an area with powerful undead.
Hahaha! Great balance. xD
I really like this page.
Haha! The punch was what I thought of first too! xD
I'm loving the little spiral knuckles :D!
Ahhhh why!?!? Come on Ben didn't you see that cute face in the first panel? Why did you have to go ruin it? Though maybe that was what did him in? Sigh.
As much as I like how Dade is drawn in the first panel, I hope to one day to see Dade with a big happy smile.
Poor Dade. Nightmares suck hard.
What about this page is lame? I think it looks awesome. The chains are a really nice touch.