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Hey, I'm Noah! I'm 18 years old and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm currently living in Connecticut to study illustration at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. I spend most of my free time drawing, but I can also be found biking, playing ukulele, and roaming through the woods like a waif. I like dogs, magnolia trees, travel, strong food, and loud music. I'm also transgender (FtM), and I hope to use my art to advocate for queer and trans visibility in the future. I hope you enjoy my work :^)

You can see more of my art on my website or on deviantart:
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@SKitFox: Thank you, I'm glad you like it! And that's good to hear about the story, I'm always paranoid that I have pacing problems. :'D
@JJmyster22: Thank you!!
I won't have access to a scanner for another week (I'm in Philadelphia), but pages are on the way! I'm glad you like the story :^D
And I'm actually 16 now.
@JJmyster22: Haha sucks for you >:^D
*cough* I mean, I am deeply sorry. Good luck with school.
Yes that definitely means more updates! I can't wait for summer, it's gonna be great.
I'm sorry I've been so inactive, finals are killing me. :^(
But the good news is I only have one more week of school!
50th page! Yeah!
Sorry for the slow updates :^(

And my friend was confused so I think I should clarify: Shannon and Michael are not in cahoots! They're just holding hands because she helped pull him onto the cliff.
@LEPPU: Aaahh thank you for reading it!! I love Prague Race like a fat kid loves cake, so that means a lot to me. You're the best :^)
Okay, I know this page is really late. But I have a reason! I was in NEW YORK CITY! AAAAAHHH IT WAS AWESOME!
All the buildings were huge and there were so many people and hhfhhjk. It was great.
Sorry, I'll stop raving now.
@Saiko: Haha thanks! I'm just glad you can follow the plot OTL
Thank you for reading my comic :^D
@AngieBlargh: Thank you! I'm glad you think so :^D
@K: Thank you so much!
@Guest: Just watercolors, haha :^D
Sorry for the late reply.
Not actually a comic, just a condensed version of a sketchdump that I felt compelled to post here. Welp.
Those are Killers lyrics around the oval in the center.
Aaaaaand scene!
That's the end of chapter 1.
This was infinitely better in my head, and I still have really far to go, but I hope you liked reading this. Mostly, I hope it made sense ahaha...

It'll probably be a week or so before I start chapter 2, which is gonna be from Roma's perspective. There'll be a lot less exposition and a lot more action. :^D
Only two more pages until chapter 1 is over!
@JJmyster22: I hope so, because I've been looking forward to doing this page for a while :^D
Thank you!
@Sebastián Martínez: Thank you! I'm flattered that you think so. Especially about the characters, because I was worried about that haha.
Thanks for reading :^)
@IshtarDragon: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it, it takes forever to draw :'D
I'll probably have the next page up some time this week. :^)
@JJmyster22: Haaahh it hasn't even gotten mildly exciting yet :'D
It will though! Just wait for chapter 2.
I'm glad you like it. :^)