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I make sprites. I also have a pixiv and a deviantArt.

Your Sonic recolors are insulting to real artists.

I can also write critiques for comics. So long as you have thicker skin than the average bear, I'd be willing to write a critique for you.
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Now you're just resorting to ad hominem.
I am old enough to watch, yes. I am a grown adult.

Now, I think I'll unblock you in a week's time. If you can come up with something intelligent to say then, that's good. But, if you're going to keep posting like an idiot, you'll stay blocked.
Either you calm down, and stop posting like an idiot, or I'll block you.
jesus christ you make a lot of comments
Do you plan to grow up any time in the future?
You want me to be negative? I can be really, really negative.

The issue here is that I tried to give you ways to improve and you did not take any of them into consideration. You haven't improved in the slightest, actually.

From what I've seen, your comics still have the very same issues as they did when I got onto you about it. For example, "Mario Sucks at Pokemon" makes it extremely evident that you do not know how to use transparency, much less resize sprites properly.

I once made a comment on your "fly or fail" entry promoting "The Holiest Crap". You deleted that comment. You allowed the other comments to stay, so obviously you have some personal vendetta against me. And then you say that you "AIM your gun at PeejsterM". If the only way you can think of getting back at me is through your profile, you need to grow up.

And then there's your "club penguin gone mad" comic. Your sense of humor is extremely infantile, if "Poop cones" is any indication.

Now, I've been fairly civil about this. But if you can't take the slightest bit of criticism, I'd recommend you change your password to something you'll forget in 5 seconds.
Coming from a 13-year-old girl with her own personal wikia, I don't particularly want to hear that.
@greenpowerstar: Believe it or not, that isn't true.

"Generally, don't break any laws through our service.
Certainly do not upload published comics that are not your own to Smack Jeeves. Fan comics, doujinshi, and the use of copyrighted sprites is generally okay as long as the owners of the copyrighted material do not have any problems with it."

"As part of's copyright policy, may terminate user access to the Service if a user has been determined to be an infringer."
@Bruce the Hedgehound: Actually, there's plenty that can be done. One could, oh, I don't know, remove this page? And all of the other offending ones?
@Lugbzurg: You're wrong.
Read through the Terms of Service and the Terms of Use.
You shouldn't post things you didn't make.
@Pakie: There are people who have actual reasons to block certain commenters, and then there are people who block anybody who even implies there's something that isn't perfect about the comic.
@Pakie: Trying to cover as many topics as possible.

Don't post ten-second crap. Put some effort into your works.
Funny, I made a comic about filler.

If this is all you can bring to your fans, don't even bother updating.
That door is way too small for either of them. Don't use backgrounds that are designed for a differently-sized character.
You can't do this with MS Paint. Don't even try.
Oh, look, another hotel comic. ಠ_ಠ

Text bubbles are important. Use them.
You should spellcheck and proofread your text. There are quite a few errors I found.

In addition, look at the first page I made on How Do I Comic. Neon Green does not look good on a white background. Also, be sure to give your speech bubbles a border.

At the very least, the way you arranged the speech bubbles is good, except for the fifth panel. The text "Whatever" would have worked better if it were below Metal Sonic, and if Metal Sonic's speech was above Metal Knuckles.

Also, with the final panel. It doesn't look like Metal Knuckles is actually gliding. And the green recolor still looks like he's lying flat. His arms and legs should be hanging like a ragdoll's.