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R.I.P Vanilla
Whelp, it was nice knowing you Vanilla
lmfao!!! This is just perfect!!XD
.oh my....Things are about to happen.....
Finally!!...All that needs to happen now is for Jude to lose his sunglasses ^_^
...I think she broke Kaito....
Lol,the look on everyone's face when Chris hung up XD
I think Chris just doomed himself....^_^;
If only he knew they were listening on the other side XD
Things are getting really interesting XD
oh my dear god...Lmao!!!
Kaito,when Shuno gets prepared to run ^_^;;
Your in wonderland!! XD
So you foreshadowed at pg 7-11....Nice XD
I think we should have a few doctors on standby here...with lots of band-aids....
Lmao!!! The last panel was just perfect XD
I get the feeling someone will get hurt....Badly ^_^;;;...and it won't be Izzy
Shuno is getting ideas from this lol XD
Knew it X3
Can anyone say they saw this comeing???? XD
Nicely done with the shirt X3
I hope she has good security ^_^;
Good luck lady, You'll need alot of it^_^;