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Let's just say a Madao for now...aka a college slacker.
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Oh man....
Still no scanner, so can't really say much...
Except this: He Shall Return! *someday*
Wait, did he even leave?
Trying hard to recover. Nothing much to say except that, well, as can be seen, not too much effort was put into this one. But still, there it is :)
3 Pages :)
How's that for 3 pages in a week? Well, I'm reconciling myself from the past two weeks. This was actually the three pages I was making, but it's only now that they come into light.
And it begins...
And so the actual "story" of Valera the Librarian begins....if you can call it a story, that is. Actually, this is one of the central themes (and an actual plotline, I suppose) of this rather newspaper-ish comic.
Hope you enjoy the new twist! :)
@ChainsawAdams: Thanks! I think I do, too~
We Are Sorry!
So yes. We are sorry.
Okay. It's just me. Valera has nothing to do with this.
It's the evil Dr. Scanner. He took a whole week off and refused to negotiate.
We'll be back soon with the compensation :)
An old one...but color!
Another old one, from months and months ago! Yes, it is what it appears as: a filler.
But it's in color! :D
Well, I am working on the next one at the moment, so bear with me. Besides, Mameshiba is a good way to put in some facts that this comic is so clearly lacking.
P.S. Back then, I didn't care much about the color. I just felt like changing things up a bit. SO forgive the value-shadow-depth issues - they AREN'T the point here.
It's true
Hey again! I know it's past Tuesday, but who cares. ^^
Valera is back once again with another little episode -- and this time it's with a little girl whose stereotype of librarians is all too typical for most of the population. Please bear with them, Valera! :)
@Guest: ну а как же! He is secretly a model ;D
An "old" Valera
So I was saying how Valera had a past on tumblr. Well, here is the most popular of the ones that were up there (about 17 or so).
I think it had like 35 notes, reblogs and all.
The drawing was done in a completely different style, since I was mostly just experimenting.
I like it! :)
I like the humor, the genre, and, believe it or not, the hand-lettering. I guess it could be neater but there's something human about those sloppy letters...
So far, my favorite is about the two Ronalds. It's just funny.
Keep on going! :)