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oh goodness... I'm so not a math person /flail/ but I shall guess!!

I guess:
1. 43
2. -43
3. Pi!!! (3.141592... you get the idea)

Happy Birthday, TG!! : D
awesome : ) I'll have a reply up as soon as possible!
I wasn't kidding about the peanuts, you know...

I promise more action and better proportioned characters next time, I swear, so please don't start throwing bricks at me just yet....

your turn, Darknlight : )
don't feel bad... I have an addiction to putting dialogue into things >__>;; I'll probably have little text bits throughout the whole fight... it makes things more fun, especially when you aren't using a conventional fighter programmed to skip the talking and go straight to beating the tar out of the opponent...

(and the plane crash idea was genius!!!)
so awesome!!! I'll be sure to have a reply up as soon as possible (and you draw coco just fine... she looks like a) a person and b) a girl, so it's all good xDD)

I can tell that this fight is going to be amazing...
Oh wow! Not only did I get a response, I got a really in-depth one xDD Thanks Imi!! I understand what you mean... I'll be sure to take care with that on the next page : ) I really appreciate the help~
I'm not too thrilled with this page... it came out kinda funny, and I really just want to push on with the story but if I did that then later it won't be as meaningful : / I'm so impatient sometimes...

anyway, I kinda need my wonderful readers' help real quick. As you may or may not know, I'm using a different computer monitor right now while I'm working in florida for the next five months. The problem is that things look a lot different on this monitor than they did on my normal one. So, if you have a minute, could you please, please, please drop a comment and tell me if the shading/darkness of the page is consistent with the others, or if I have to mess with it a bit... I would really appreciate it!!!!

As always, thanks so much for your support and readership!!!

uhhhhh.... yeah. This is what happens when you work at an amusement park and have no sanity (or energy) left to draw correctly proportioned characters, much less serious-looking sketch battle contenders.

Meet Coco. She's a flight attendant (hence the hideous uniform), and she's perfectly capable of choking you to death with a package of peanuts. Better watch out. She can do other things too, but we'll get to that later ; p

Let the fighting begin!
he's so cool : D I can tell this is going to be exciting...

I'll have my character up tomorrow~
First of all, my apologies to Dalek555, 'cause I said the comic would be done within twenty-four hours of when I posted a reply to his comment, and it ended up being closer to thirty-six because of a CERTAIN someone.

Actually, I apologize in general for my tardiness; I've been packing and doing errands and all sorts of crazy engagements because I leave to work at Disneyworld in two days and have to pack my life into boxes so I can take it with me to Orlando xDD

That being said, I don't know about whether or not there will be a comic next Friday (Don't kill me please D ':). I'll be attending orientations and training, and I don't know how much time I'll have to be drawing... I plan to try my very best to get a comic done before I leave for FL so I won't miss an update, but if there isn't one... you know why : /

Now for actual comic stuff. Um... ignore panel one please. It is ugly. That is all. xDD

See you all soon! Thanks, as always, for your continued patience with me! Enjoy the comic~
thanks : ) next page will be up within the next twenty-four hours; I've been insanely busy with packing and last-minute trips and things, so I've only had time to do bits and pieces of the comic this week... but it will definitely be done by tomorrow
Originally, Cook's line was "what's with the serious face", but I changed it for three reasons. One: uh... she's been serious for awhile now. and it's not like it's a big mystery. Two: it's not even that she's serious there, it's that she's got a scarily calculating face. And number three, it just made me go "WHY SO SERIOUS BEA??? HUH???", and that was just silly.

I'm... not going to say much about this comic, other than it took for god-awful forever, and that I'm not completely happy with it for a variety of nit-picky reasons. On the upside, it's done xD the shading thing seems to be here to stay; I messed it up with the less-thick lines in this page, but now that I seem to know what I'm doing, I think it'll be more consistent in the future.

Thanks for your continued awesomeness, everyone : )
IM GONNA GRAB YOUR FACE D:<< Sorry, had to say it; the last panel was begging for it...

I kinda read this right after I took a nap and somehow got "leave, or fright me" out of the first panel.... maybe I shouldn't read these types of things right after naps haha

Great work as always : DD
see, I can't do it in color yet, 'cause there's a point to the whole black and white thing : p but we'll get to the color eventually!
@sarall: Thanks!! I never thought of it that way O__o but I see what you mean... and your description sounds a lot better than me going "uh... I messed up" xDD

@Captain Ghost: Sorry to keep you waiting so long; it wasn't intentional, I swear ^__^;; (and thanks : D)

@Imi: Thank you : D I'm glad you said that about your monitor; I think mine makes things look darker than they really are, but I don't want to mess with the settings 'cause I'm scared to make it worse xD

@SuperBiasedMan: Thanks so much : D I'm glad to have you on board!

@Devi: "not exceptional", hmm? You do realize that I see that as a challenge, right? xDD And thanks; I really should have added an extra panel in the middle to make the dialogue less jumpy, but I was already too far into the drawing when I realized my mistake >__>;; I should be more careful...
Sooo.. the dialogue is crappy and doesn't really match the expressions of the characters, but it is a page!! Bea is one of those people who thinks it's totally alright for her to make fun of other people while they're being serious *cough*Jonas*cough*, but doesn't think it's too funny when people start doing it to her. Go figure.

Excuse the really dark coloring in general; I was trying something out and I accidently used too dark of a color. The way I've been shading this comic has annoyed me for awhile now, so I was trying to figure out a different way to go about it. I'm a far better colorist than I am an artist/writer, so doing this all in black and white is KILLING MEEEEEE.

Thank you Oranges_and_Pears, Dalek555, and Idene for the nice comments as usual : D I really appreciate it.
I meant to do a page today, but while cramming for an exam this morning, a picture idea came to me during a song. So, I sketched it out, and later I came back to it... and so instead of completing a page, I completed a filler picture for you all. I hope you all won't mind; my art's been kinda sucky lately, and I don't do enough random pictures for you all... this is of older Bea on a battlefield somewhere. I'm not going to say if this scene actually happens or not... if it does, I'm probably not going to draw the outdated army helmet and super-outdated Bandolier xDDD I just found out what a bandolier was this week, so my subconscious kinda slipped it into the sketch when I wasn't looking >__> (did you know John Smith caught on fire when the gunpowder in his bandolier ignited?? He was injured so badly he was sent back to England...)

The song was "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, in case you wanted to know : ) I have a playlist for the comic, and that songs is one of the ones on it... it's a good song because it's not overly in-your-face or motivational, but it's lyrics are fairly strong... I like listening to it : )

I'll see you all soon with a real update; I hope you enjoy the filler!
I apologize again for lateness. These past weeks have been nothing short of hectic @__@ I am trying my best to get into a swing of things, but until July, updates will probably be over the weekends (Fri-Sun)... I'm trying hard to get a lot done, and of course, the comic suffers as a result. Don't worry though; I'm not on hiatus or anything crazy; I just haven't had any free time at all because of summer classes and work and whatnot...

nothing really to say about this comic except that my art is terrible, and even when feeling down, Bea still likes to be a smart ass xD hopefully I'll get back to my normal drawing quality soon... and if anyone here is thinking that it's a little un-probable that Headquarters2 randomly was blown up by the enemy, I urge you to keep that thought in your head, and leave you with this question: how can you prove that something you and everyone else around you has never seen, isolated a galaxy away from normal civilization, either exists or no longer exists?
@Dalek: they vanished, but the perceived threat never really did... the whole military was basically created to hunt the other race down, so that's who they are (still) at war with. They aren't attacked often, which is why I didn't mention it (though in hindsight, I probably should have)... it's more of a cat and mouse kinda war than anything. It's much more complicated than this explanation, but I can't really go too far into things without giving the plot away. I promise I didn't leave some giant plot hole in my story. (and thanks for pointing that out)

Oranges_and_Pears: yeah... that's kinda an understatement.
But you do deserve it O__O You shouldn't think otherwise... not enough people realize how amazing they are xD

I suppose not many people would have, but I'm so amazingly picky about stuff like that >__>" I'm not picky with other people's stuff, but when it comes to anything I do, I get super meticulous... my drawings may suck at times, but I take solace in the fact that I've put a bunch of effort into at least getting minute details right xD