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Soo...which one of those fine studs is the daddy? ಠvಠ
Exposition? ...what? Oh there were words on this page?
I think Metapod just got bored and went to sleep.
I'm in agreement with all of the comments stating that they should end up together.
Kill it with fire!!!
This makes me happy.
September 20th, 2008
My best guess is because he thinks he can. Daniel comes off to me as a person who likes challenges.

Or maybe he's just a playboy that wants to get into the pants of every gay boy he can find. Hmm...
Nope, it's just kind of a wooden or metal rod with a handle that's used as a weapon.

That's still kind if an odd thing to find some random bully at school carrying, unless he takes some martial arts? But, if he was any good at martial arts he would be putting up more of a fight.
September 16th, 2008
This is really interesting, keep up the good work.
Hera should dump his ass already! I mean, HOW MANY TIMES has he cheated on her in Greek mythology?! MANY TIMES DAMMIT. D8<
Ugh, I can't stand grits! When my friend was hanging out at my house in the morning my mom tried to give us grits, my friend didn't know what it was and my mom told her to try it but she didn't like it either. So we secretly fed my dog the leftover grits but a couple minutes later he started puking it all out! ><
Hey, Ren, if you don't approve I'd gladly take your place! *jumps into Cole's arms*
Good luck in college! <333
*hugz them all*
When people tell me not to, it makes me wanna say it even more!

GGGAAA... *is shot*
lol, how conceited he is.
What's he freaking out for

Tomorrow at school he can just
wish Tsugo was a tomato...

and eat him. >8D
April 6th, 2008

They're gonna beat him up if he goes to school like that.
Take a break! D=

Get some rest!

That's very unhealthy!

Why are you staying up 'till 3am?