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Christ I don't know.
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That second one looks awful, where's the outline? Where's the shading on the feet? Why does the hair's shading look so bad?
@smash: Your colors just look either too bright, too out-of-place, or just awful. Try using a palette from a sprite from a game or something. The hair just looks flat and awful and if you really can't see what's wrong with it, I guess I can't help you. It just looks like he's got Frank West-tier forehead and someone put the end of a mop on his head.
I gave you advice, but it's rather obvious you're not too keen on following any of it.

Let's try anyway.

The proportions are off, even if you're going for a stylized look, the colors look dreadful, the posing is awkward, and your way of outlining seems to change itself, such as with the pants and the hair differing from the head, arms, and shirt. Moving past the actual shape of the sprite, he's got retirement-age levels of receding hairline coupled with his hair looking like someone bleached a toupee and put it on his head, his eyes being too low, and the shirt just looks terrible. If you're going for like a patterned shirt, the lighting doesn't redirect itself for every individual color.

Stick to Sonic sprites.
@EffioTheWolf125: Notice how even though the plane is made of metal in that it still has some color. Plus, with the lighting getting high enough to make it appear white on some parts, it should be lighter around that white spot. Right now it just looks as if someone ejaculated on your plane in a few spots.

What I'm getting at is it just looks off.
@EffioTheWolf125: The new one's design looks fine, if you payed attention to my comment, you'd notice that I said what looks dull about it is the colors.

And it'd behoove you to take criticism like an adult and not insult people trying to help you, sir.
The old one looks a lot better than the new one, the new one's colors look too dull.
@Mist the Moonhunter: If you honestly consider a fully-clothed thing on a pole adult content you're just being retarded and trying to split hairs.

Still, this does look silly.
His arm reaches down to his knees, he has NOFACE, one leg is way shorter than the other even if you take perspective into account, and the colors look ugly.
First comic I've favorited, keep being awesome, sir.
Ahaha oh boy

Also Lugbzurg, fan characters and "original characters" often fall into the same category, and self-inserts are awful for comics.
Out of curiosity, where did you get the MS Paint Masterpieces Mega Man sprites?
@EffioTheWolf125: The shading on his leg doesn't seem to know its own light source, like how the lightest shade is coming from completely the opposite direction. Also, the head could use some more shading, and the lightest shade could be a little lighter.
Could use some more contrast on the black.
A vore forum? Jesus dude.

Also hi SAZ.
He's wearing his skirt pretty high