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Hello! I'm Isabelle. I like making comics. Feedback is appreciated!
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Who is Aaron? :3
Ooh! I love this style! ^^
Ooh! I want to know about Connor's trip! :D
This is so adorable. I can't even put the adorableness into words.
Aha! Brad. Still cute as ever! XD
I don't mind anything being cruddy, sometimes it has to be to keep pushing through! XD
(ah, btw, this is Roisa, got a new account which is why I haven't been commenting lately XD)
Hello Brad! ^^
what? I didn't say anything!
June 28th, 2012
Aww, he's so cute! ^^
Ah. Telling someone your feelings. It's hard for me too. I wish it could be like in the movies where the words come out perfectly and the other person is touched right away. I end up starting the sentence and mumbling the rest. T_T
Once for New Year's, my Grandpa told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. When I opened them there was a quarter in my hand. I remembered being really happy because quarters were more interesting than dollars to me because of the shiny factor. XD
I say things like that to my brother XD
I don't know her reasons, but mine are because it's fun to tease him. That frustrated, dumbstruck look on his face is priceless...
I think people try to raise their kids with a clear vision of what "attractiveness" is. Like in the USA, it's the skinny/muscular, tan, long straight nose. Then in the Asian cultures, it's to be pale, big eyes, small nose, etc.
I grew up with tons of manga, so I like the skinny tall guys with the shaggy hairstyles ^^; I also like it when a person shows emotion in their features and is very expressive. I like the openness of it I guess?
I did the same thing Brad did in middle school. The person and I are best friends now, haha.