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October 28th, 2018
lmao hey y'all!!!
and that's a wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't believe i stopped drawing this comic over the summer at the 23rd/24 pages lol
but the first chapter is finally done!

i have a really fun idea of what i want the second chapter to look like, but i definitely have no time to create it lol.
i'll definitely upload doodles of xilo and calina tho
August 22nd, 2018
oh mama....
August 20th, 2018
@birdboy: omg thank you!!!!! stay tuned :^)!!!!
August 20th, 2018
i love using lowercase txt for xilo it captures their tone rly well
slow updates hopefully 2-3x a week on the weekendssssss
@bwooom: lol you made a cameo
whatever you can understand calina can understand. (so if it's translated calina knew it)

i actually tried to create a language here so maybe ill post the guides at the end of the chapter.
here we gooooo
the one word calina can read
anybody else know that feel when your scarf falls off your head in the middle of a nap?

i sure do

and i took off calina's wrap ///not// because i hated drawing it and love her curly fro, but for the relatability of this very scene my friends
your art style is dope!!
who the hell could that signal be from??? :thinking:
my fav makes their entrance :~)
it's not a comic if the main character's mama aint dead
(mario voice): here we go!
another 2 years late comment drawing this panel made me realize how scared (nonblack)artists are to draw the light part of black ppls hands!!!!!!!!! so i was like im definitely gonna make sure thats there.
im going back and reading this 2 years later, but the lil blonde girl was a character i had for a different story in my head when i was in highschool lol

her name was cleina and she was a bad bitch. maybe in this universe she's just a teenager tryna make some coin for the summer
more future doodles this time with papa ookie and mama mili!!!

i talked abt the twins earlier.

but mila and ooka get married eventually and ooka becomes the general and i guess a grand duke of sala? rather than a king that i wrote. he's also the general of their defense.

mila is the queen, her dad retires his position. everyone loves her. and she becomes a great diplomat for peace.

their lil meet up is probably after one of shani's shows backstage.
i doodled the twins when they're older!!!

and ye that's mila+ooka's baby B^ ) who i literally just made up as i doodle that

shani is a wild child, he really likes music and is a drummer and backup vocalist for his band. (i imagine them playing like a mix between the roots and the internet, definitely soul, but alot more energy than the internet.)
in highschool he threw alot of parties and played in a lot of shows to glow up to be a star

chami is an amazing student, and ridiculously popular because of it and her charm.
id imagine her to be glinda, but less annoying and more straight forward with her shade.