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more future doodles this time with papa ookie and mama mili!!!

i talked abt the twins earlier.

but mila and ooka get married eventually and ooka becomes the general and i guess a grand duke of sala? rather than a king that i wrote. he's also the general of their defense.

mila is the queen, her dad retires his position. everyone loves her. and she becomes a great diplomat for peace.

their lil meet up is probably after one of shani's shows backstage.
i doodled the twins when they're older!!!

and ye that's mila+ooka's baby B^ ) who i literally just made up as i doodle that

shani is a wild child, he really likes music and is a drummer and backup vocalist for his band. (i imagine them playing like a mix between the roots and the internet, definitely soul, but alot more energy than the internet.)
in highschool he threw alot of parties and played in a lot of shows to glow up to be a star

chami is an amazing student, and ridiculously popular because of it and her charm.
id imagine her to be glinda, but less annoying and more straight forward with her shade.
i doodled a young ooka really quickly to figure out how i was gonna draw 14 year old him in the comic, so i thought it was only fair to draw young mila too.

they probably wouldn't have been friends, ooka was a piece of work as a kid.
mila probably wouldve been a nerd if she went to highschool.
lan, (valencia's spouse) and mila get a long so well.

they're both super chill and lan is very artsy so they just vibe.
they love eachother alot, ok?
here's the reference i made for the characters when i started finally drawing the pages in may

all the colors, esp the twins skin colors are always off this ref smhh
WE OUTCHEA BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THATS A WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
it's been really fun !!! i'm really proud of myself for finishing this!!!!

and thanks so much for reading!!! you're the real mvp!!!
even ooka is afraid.

valencia rides hard for her princess daughter
hnoo my god !!!!
valencia is lowkey my fav i have a lot of love for mean general lady
what can he do even...??

3 more to go!
valencia and mila are not on the same page right now
valencia uh ....
misunderstood a few things
ooka was out

lan is valencia's spouse
you should read the comic i wrote about how those two met lmfao ---->
me @ my own ocs: goddamn nerds
they're too awkward
they like eachother sm

also me: just kiss already fools
mama deb don't play and ooka knows this
i think i based her looks off my mama and my grandmama :^)

i have a few doodle ideas for her which ill probably add at the end of the comic :^)))
8 pgs left OVO
also i changed their hair bc tbH<..... i was tired of that extra lil ponytail

we have 9 pgs left bOYZ !!!!!
guess who is fuckin awful at drawing backgrounds and still draws backgrounds B^)
looks really cute so far! i love peri's design!
they luv her
your art style is SO COOL.... this is a really creative way to process your own thoughts so i really respect you for this!!!