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I have many fandoms, which I won't list here, it would take all my space.

I wear a Top Hat.

I think up stories while gazing out windows.

I believe in Truth, freedom, love, justice and most importantly, the ability for happiness.

And also... you know... vampires.
January 24th, 2008
Normally I just name my animals after Harry Potter characters... or manga. Archie's good though. =D
January 12th, 2008
Magic ninjas are always awesome.
I do like how it says a lot without saying a word.
This page looks awesome.
May 16th, 2007
I like the art in thise. Especially the colouring.

Plus the characters are likeable, so this gets a fave from me.
Hey, it's Ann!

Okay, this comic makes me want to play Harvest Moon 64.... if only I could find my copy. *cries*
Ah, this comic is so great.
The letters look so cool.
I love her expressions. =D
Hehe, I have no idea what she's saying.
This is gonna be cool....
The somewhat random valentine's doodle made me laugh.
Creepy smile for the win!
Interesting girls.

I love your character designs!
Sophie reminds myself of me.

A little disturbing that...
Ooo, the colour looks excellent.
You can never have enough undead creatures.
But if she destroys the fabric of space and time, then won't she be destroyed too?