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I have many fandoms, which I won't list here, it would take all my space.

I wear a Top Hat.

I think up stories while gazing out windows.

I believe in Truth, freedom, love, justice and most importantly, the ability for happiness.

And also... you know... vampires.
Whoops, totally forgot to upload this. Heh. Um. Yes.

Oh -Ron-.
*gives 'first comic' award*
The panels look kind of lopsided.... I just want to hug that last one, though.

Just 'cause they're really gay, doesn't mean they like musicals. Not that I have anything against musicals...
I have quite a fondness for the mouse.
Or: Once More With Feeling
Although, the entire point of the episode was that musicals aren't as fun as they appear.

My song is really bad.
Or: Not who you'd expect
I love Olimar. And his picmin.

I've been playing way too much Brawl.
Shouldn't they throw bodies into the ocean?
I'm sorry guys, I drew this weeks ago, then promptly forgot. I'm drawing another page now.
January 24th, 2008
Normally I just name my animals after Harry Potter characters... or manga. Archie's good though. =D
January 12th, 2008
Magic ninjas are always awesome.
I do like how it says a lot without saying a word.
Sorry for the quality
Posting so the next couple of pages will flow. Sorry for the lack of background or colour. (they kinda look like they're walking in that room from Invincible)
Another page? Sometimes the reasons why I update are more interesting than why not. But I finally stopped being lazy just 'cause I don't have regular access to a tablet anymore.

The writing's kinda awkward on this page. It's supposed to be awkward in mood, not writing.
Clark Kent can Hold Grudge
Interesting because it completely ignores the panel lines, something I was experimenting with. Looked better in pencil, but see Chocolate for Vampires on why I have to ink it suckily.

I'm not sure if I like or dislike the Legion of Superheroes cartoon. The only characters I seem to like are Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Clark's okay. Then again, I've only seen at the most five episodes...
OR: What's all this pencilly stuff?
Just an experiment. I'm sorry. I wanted to see if it was faster and easier just to do it in pencil and ignore the inking and lettering altogether. It is. On the other hand...

My scanner notices every. single. smudge. Even the ones that AREN'T VISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE. GAH. So I erased most of the big ones before adjusting the brightness, but that made me loose the finer pensil lines, like in the shading. Go figure.
Or: Almost a Slashfic
The original punchline was different, but this is still good, I think.

Slashers: In ur fandom, slashin' ur doods.

Hiro/Kensei is so easy, it almost makes The Road to El Dorado look bad.
Or: The Slashy Version
Ah Heroes. Why is it so easy to love and make fun of you all at the same time?

Be sure to read Part 2.
Catqueen: Now that I've actually started doing them, it's as if I need to make up for lost time...

Lucida: SUCH a flirt. =D He only gets worse.

Superheroreject: Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
That's right! Another update!
I like to think that the Harvester's kept the morgue a secret from the Magnolia, who's the only one sensible enough to realize that a pirate ship shouldn't have a morgue, they just toss dead bodies overboard.

And Lillith's mouse gets something to say! I think I might do a page from the Mouse's perspective later on in the chapter, unless I run out of room.
I know! I feel so ashamed at not updating for so long...