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Just ...
If I log out I use the guest account thing ... whatever it called I use Dawn as my guest name.
They seem friendly
What did Ted do? O.o
Just ...
August 18th, 2013
So, the "mask" ... does it get in the way when they eat?
I'm with Marshall :) keep going
What character is Braulio cosplaying as?
I'm mostly want to know where she got that battle ax.
I love her hair color
Don't worry Aya who knows this could be fun
Just ...
December 3rd, 2012
"Hold on, I think I see something orange!"
I love that XD
I'm guessing some of your projects are slide show (and one of them is for English). Well good luck on your projects.
Just ...
November 18th, 2012
@Rakewn: So do skull people just appear or it will be explain in the comic later? Also, I love the last panel (and I thought Ivet was nice)
I want Cid coat :)
Last Panel ... I love it
-Lucas you sir have a good grip
-Good one Orange
-Hey YonYonYon your style reminds me of Wakfu/Dofus
Oh Clara you're a real pocket full of sunshine are ya :)
All right I will
Second Panel or Picture is really sweet Ivet has that motherly feeling around her
I'm ready for the lessons