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I was on SJ but then I left... And now I'm back XD. As of 10-6-15

If your still on SJ as well PM as soo as possible. I am trying to collab!!!
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Please be sure to add the remake as one of your favorites. ~Thank You!

Link To__Glide The Hedgehog RE:

Link To__First Comic:
you gatta LOVE C4.
Awwwwwwww CRAP!!!
sorry for JPEG guys I'll try NOT to do it again...
Remake Is Up and Runnung!!!
Let's get this show on the road
I don't se this battle ending soon so should me and retro fight?
I'll punch him in da neck!!!!
okay question??????
what if u guys keep updating gets annoying. So we should set a limit. You and your opponent should have up to 5 pages(and thats if no one misses an update)

do u guys think we should do that?
@sspeedo th: Yeah you and your opponent goes back and forth.
-hint... just read the rules on the home page.
You don't need to use the clouds
On your mark, get set.....GOOOOOO!!!!!
add as favorite if you like
Nice one Rob!
He got you gooooood!
@Omnimon630A: OH ok ill use your new ones when the fighting starts.
Kick Start!!
Ok, Lets get this started.
@55dubdub: so were still workin on this??