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Likes: Drawing Cartoons, anime, Manga, Video Games,Marvel and Dc universe.
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    Girard Morris
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meh... he had it comin'
All i can hear is Bonetrousle.
it was worth a shot.
:O holy sht im first!
but yeah enough about how great this feels but uh..yeah.
Were the hell did YOU come from!?
i assure you all will be explained in due time.
anyone else got cuaght up in the holidays!? Cuz i sure did!
Jampack save christmas.
@The Wonderous Kitsu: ty ive manly been doin this comic for fun, im gunna change kurtis's powers agin to somthing more original soon too sooooo look out for that.
the nerve of that guy.
@Aranaxius: ty arana :D
and his master plan is to be thrown like a bullet.....typical sonic is typical.
Glad to kno this comic is still alive.
October 26th, 2014
a page i drew on paper and my new scanner.
my skepticism sense is tingling.