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How come Hydely here ISN'T fangirling? Aren't they... pretty much the same person, only with and without compassion?
@RazorD9 ...I never understood why people kept saying it was an adaptation of Hamlet. They both star a prince whose father is murdered by his brother in a bid for power. What do they have in common beside that?
Yes, Amber's been crushing on him since pretty much day one.

As for Rebecca... I get the impression that, due to past experience, she just ASSUMES any boy she's interested in will only have eyes for Amber. Whereas Amber remains blissfully unaware of Rebecca's issue.
sun tzu
January 22nd, 2017
But pessimists give themselves ulcers, while optimists are more liable to spot opportunities. :P
Screw you and your ridiculous level of luck, Gail.
So... now, due to a stupidly lucky coincidence of having exactly the right power at exactly the right time, Gail gets her own copy of the power-up item (or whatever the ring does).

sun tzu
November 25th, 2016
Considering how strong the human jaw naturally is, I wouldn't be surprised if Amber can bite through iron bars now. oO
Go up, Amber! You can fly! You can use your flight to smack her into a wall!
sun tzu
September 28th, 2016
@BattleStarX: Well, the ORIGINAL Holmes probably wouldn't. Most modern interpretations of the character tend to to up the "eccentric jerk" aspect and lower the "heroic gentleman" aspect.
sun tzu
September 25th, 2016
Right now, my smile probably makes me look downright psychotic. :D
sun tzu
September 21st, 2016
I don't get your logic. Why should flying impede Amber's ability to swing her weapon?
sun tzu
September 15th, 2016
Don't use your improvised staff as a thrusting weapon, Amber. Use it as a swinging weapon. Swing it at the assclown's legs and shatter them.
sun tzu
September 1st, 2016
@Xylas_Incarnum: ...She's robbing an innocent jewler RIGHT NOW. She attacked Amber's friend and family in their own home.
@Spartanc45: I'm sure a lot of petty crime is motivated by desperation rather than malice, but most of the poor, homeless and destitute manage not to turn to crime.

And Amber is talking to GAIL. Gail, whom she already knows is a kidnapper, attempted murderer, and all-around horrible human being.
@Spartanc45: If it's someone telling it to a person struggling to make ends meet, then, yeah, it's an asshole thing privileged, clueless idiots say.

Telling it to a career criminal, on the other hand? Liiiittle different context.
@Starrie: Thanks, I'd forgotten that.
"You've never worked a day in your life."

...Have YOU, Gail? I don't know if you used to hold jobs before you got powers, but "stealing from other people" is not exactly a job, either.

And far from me to diminish the great hardship suffered by the economically disadvantaged, but, y'know, the vast majority of those guys manage NOT to become criminals. So don't try to act from some kind of position of moral superiority you don't have, Gail.
"It's a-comin'".
*gets popcorn, wonders if it's a-comin' soon or at some point in the distant future*
*hands Amber steel chair*
This comic has been teasing at my "watch Amber give Gail a much-deserved righteous trashing" desire for YEARS now.

I can only hope that some day, somehow, my patience will be rewarded. :P
*shrugs* Not necessarily. I just think Gail's a horrible person who has to be stopped. At this point, that she isn't a murderer isn't for lack of trying.