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@eishiya: ahh thanks! i hear you. i wanted a more steamlined/accessible host so my intent is to customize its tumblr to be webcomic friendly, but i have mixed feelings about tapastic so far...i hope you can trudge through one of the two every now and then and catch up!
June 8th, 2013
ugh these detail shots are tooooo good. i love donovan
waa yes i'm all caught up just in time for a new chapter this is legit my favorite comic on sj
June 5th, 2013
ughhhh i love the way the solid black/white monsters (i know this one's october, but i don't think the rest of them have been identified as of yet?) contrast with the coloring in the rest of the "normal" world. they're so simple but effective because they bug me the hell out

and i love all the animal motifs going on, but i'm curious to see when the moth bit really comes in!
omg no his face in the second panel poor baby
"alright, i'll help you just this once, only because you're super hot and stuff"
January 12th, 2013
that's right alistair. i hope you feel bad about yourself now.
ooh, does the sword not hurt him because he's made of wood?

also your coloring and character designs are so so perfect. i saw that someone mentioned this before, but appletree's design reminds me of pan's labyrinth. i hope you don't mind the comparison! it's a good thing, guillermo del toro is my favorite~
i'm worried that fenton is gonna go full deer. homie's got it bad if he grows hooves :~(
January 7th, 2013
i've had this favorited for a while but only just got around to reading it all the way through and wow~! i'm really enjoying it. your pacing is awesome because i'm really interested even though not much has happened yet and your detail shots are unreal.
December 29th, 2012
haha wow i love this
love it
your character designs are spot on and you can't go wrong with punk girls on dinosaurs A+
i am so excited for this comic the art and premise are both so great awwwwww shit
aw damn

i really love the environments in this comic~ so atmospheric and cute
can't have a kool band without the female bassist hrmmmmmmm