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Hey, I'm a weird kinda guy. I like to draw shit and make people laugh sometimes. Hooray.
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I'm just makin some comics for no one. Except for Tex. I love you, Tex.

Oh yeah. Story development.
Murdery is a word, right?
Once again, it's a good thing no fans force standards on me to update sooner.

Yay for being under appreciated!

(I'll stop whining when I get more fans)
Shit just got real.
This needs more fan support. Seriously. Just discovered it and am loving it. Keep it up!
Haha. It's a good thing I have no fans, so no one will be offended by this.
@CityBreak: Well thanks. It's what I do. I guess maybe I could pick up Video Games FTW again if someone would accept my author request.
@CityBreak: Yeah, how'd you tell?

Please? Anyone?
I have made some really cruel bastards.
The comfy and easy to wear comment made my day.