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"what the muk"...
That has got to be the best expression poke-ification I've seen. Certainly up there in terms of catchiness with replacing "god" with "arceus" in certain expressions.
Congratulations; you might have just made a small meme
@miizj: considering what's gonna happen this year, what about doing it on the remakes of ruby and sapphire?
@Delta Pangaea: What savior are you talking about? The Helix Fossil art our savior; BURN THE HERETIC!!!
@BuddyT: agreed. Heard the Super Mario 64 version in my head when I read the last panel
"but they ran out of room before they could abduct the most majestic of the animals from the craft. Those greys regretted it for the rest of their lives. And that, children, is why we abduct cows."
could be worse
Welp, looks like the end of our hero, the rockets are gonna kill him. Not like it could get any wor- "Clefairy!"
interesting.... pokespe reference?
I am loving the pixellation effect. I can't say I've seen it done so well before
@kennelofdog: not bacon
he wants pingas, duh