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Hello! I'm a kind boy and sometimes a bit shy, but my friends think I'm funny! Welcome to my profile :3

Games I've played

Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Leafgreen, Emerald (don't have it anymore), Platinum, HeartGold and White, RuneScape (Name: Ruft Ruft, Pure F2P, combat 80, total level 975, around 8.5M total EXP), League of Legends (Name: JaJaBinks, level 30, around 600 wins), Battlefield Heroes (Names: JaJaBinks and IkBenDeBeste, highest level: JarJarBB, Gunner level 28), DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 and 4, Gun, Red Dead Revolver, Heroes of Newerth (Name: DarkBeasty, can't remember how many wins, i think like 50), Silkroad (long ago, can't remember name) and Conquer 2.0 (Name: Rempo, level: 122)

My name is Lucario01!
My IRL name is Ruben (No, i'm not gonna tell you my Sur-name you stalker).
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Just remembered about this comic. It's been a while, good times. Just wanted to say good luck in your other endeavors. :)
Hey, I'm nearly 3 months late, but I'm glad I remembered this. I quite like the direction the comic is headed!
Wow, I didn't realize you had made another chapter.
This chapter was nice, Maxie has to be one of the most interesting characters in the story. I'd love to see him more.
Did you catch Solrock and call him Vincent?
@Pokemontrainergigi: Vibrava? Vigoroth? Victreebel? Victini?
@OCYSTO7: I wish there was a like-button on SmackJeeves.
@Lockman: 'Nuzlocke 0546' in stead of 'Page 546'. :o

I bet Haunshaul/Joshua/the writer/howeveryouwanttocallhim named the file of this page like that. :p
@Zelkova: I'm guessing Chester died and he went to the Pokémon center after encountering Archie and Maxie.
*sniff* *sniff*
I like how Gerald put off his sunglasses and kept his hands in front of Ashlyn's eyes though.

Btw, called it.
@Miles Hikari: 1:03
The biggest 'wut'-moment of my life.
Dear god, it's Rorschach and his ears are down. That means he's sad. CHESTER MUST'VE DIED D:
@Laufente: I'm guessing heavily amused: "Hahahaha, work for HIM?"
@Miles Hikari: He reminds me of the Joker for some reason.