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@tksocrazy: thank you very much! ;¬;
This means a lot to me if you could overcome the screwed up parts to enjoy the story until the end!! ;v; it's like an achievement for me as an author!
March 16th, 2018
@lolieya24: awww I'm happy that you recognized it :D
Thank you for your comment!! ^o^
@di-chan: aaaaaah thank you!! ///
I'm glad you loved it ;v;

And thank you for reading it, I wouldn't have been able to go this far without readers! ^///^
@PrntlAdvsryExpctContnt: Thank you ;v; It's fine if you can't afford it, I know how it is to be a poor student, knowing that you enjoyed the story is enough to make me happy ^¬^

But if you feel rich one day, the books are still available ^^
@coloradogirl86: awww thank youuuuu Q___Q
@Soliderside: Thank you very much, I'm so happy ;v;
@Lovemarsh: oooow that's adorable from you ;v; thank you very much!! ///
May 10th, 2017
@Ana: LMAO It was my mnemonic to remember how to write his name at the beginning because I couldn't remember the order of the letters (between the "d" and "l" which one came first)

that's what you get for choosing names from a list haha
@Malla: thank you Malla ;____;
@miakoda.kara: Thank you for reading ^__^
@castellacake: Thank you for reading <3<3
And yay, Adrian and Lohann are happy ^¬^/
@Bella1234: Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment when the comic has been finished for some time now, I really appreciate it ^o^
I'm starting to think of another comic, so maybe soon in the future >w</
@DeStiel_diangelo: thank you ^__^
October 7th, 2016
@AutumnWolf20: their imagination is so wild they got too close to the truth lmao (and they've been spying a lot so I guess it helps xD)
@nirra: Thank you n__n
I'm glad I managed to finish it indeed! ;¬;
July 18th, 2016
@Bagel Senpai: Hi,
sorry the prints were only gifts for preorders and orders, I only have a few left =o
@JunnGerl: thank you so much for reading and for your kind words ;v; I hope your love won't be this hard to find! >w</
@Kyotee-King: hahaha thank you!!
And when exams are coming is the best time to spend time reading webcomics. ;D (actually not, but it's the time you feel like reading the most lmao)
(I still hope you'll succeed in your exams ^^)
January 2nd, 2016
@Pundertale: They are available in my online store if you want them only :)
@Akki-Chan: Thank youuuu ;v;