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The Blaziken
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@Dragongirl101: It gained just enough sanity to fight right.
@SpeedBoostTorchic: Jesus, that was HILARIOUS to read XD

Thanks for the good laugh!
@VexxBlack: I am a Blaziken, and I approve of this style's awesomeness
Is this kinda where Between Time and Darkness and this comic cross over or something? Because a few of the characters are pretty similar...just a different story line. Either way, lovin the update!

EDIT: Now reading the alt text, I kinda get it now... XD
Pissed of pikachu is pissy
@Luigi_96: splashes do x2 to houndooms
I love how you can only see the word "YES" on the application in panel 2 XD
Well holy fuck that's dramatic
The return is amazing

Whalecome back
Fucking avalanche...

If Vexx finds some way to save them from the avalanche, i totally called it
All caught up and everything, and this comic has only gotten better...time to see some more crazy shit about to happen over here :D
Watch out...
...looks like we got a badass over here
Wow,I hit one of those enlightenment bumps
My respect and love for this comic just skyrocketed.I found some inspiration on dA to just write stories (without pictures :O)And that has proven exhausting and somewhat hard.Now you have to take a good script and DRAW IT.On top of that,you aren't feeling too well and you still make and publish pages...that takes some dedication really does,I dont think i could pull that off.Hope you get better soon and keep up the good work (but pace yourself ok?)
Im trying to praise you, but i just cant find a word in the dictionary so amazing
@evil-Umbreon: np but still havent read it yet though...
Oddly enough, I caught up on this about perfect midnight now Monday I got here...WOOTS!!!
wow thats a cool page....still need to read the beginning...and every other page up until now... :D
to be COMPLETELY honest...
I found this comic on page 2 on a search on smackjeeves "dragons". ive looked at this comic for about 5 seconds, havent read a spec of word yet, but i can already tell i like the art style...Seems legit.
Looking forward to reading this (tomorrow because ima go to bead soon... :D) all caught up...

Listening to:Scorn by Dope...
which is strangely fitting for this page....