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Hello... =w= I like to draw. Yup.
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Here's the cover page for chapter four, which won't be updated in a while, I feel. =w=; Sorry.
Read from left to right!

Whoaaaa, looonnnggg hiatus. Sorry about that. Jason and I completely forgot where we were going with this, so we just ended it super quick like most of the chapters are in this silly story. xD;
ChaosSister - Thanks! :)
mananabiscuit - Ha ha ha! What a scene that would cause. xD
sonjineko:) - Thank you!!

creditwulf - Ha ha, no worries. xD But, yeah, he just doesn't talk. I just made him that way. He's not mute. He just doesn't talk, ha ha.

Sakerumi - Thank you!
Simica - Ha ha, thanks. xDD
Simica - Thank you! xD It's hard, though. I don't know how people do itt.
Simica - Thank you! Yeah, it's hard. I'm surprised that it doesn't look completely horrible. xD

Oni-Nii-Chan - Ha ha ha, thanks. xD Glad you like how it speaks. Aww, thank you so much. ;w; Ah, we'll see if it doesn't totally disappoint. I don't even know where this is going, ha ha ha... ha. xD;;
Simica - Yep, he ate them. But no, he only ate them to get them out of the way. He wanted the boy's soul all to himself. :d
Simica - Thank you!
Simica - Thank you! It was hard. T_T I still think he looks a bit odd...
Ha ha ha, he just doesn't like talking in general. xD
TwT Cannooott makeee coooll actiooonn scenesss. Ah, this is going to be difficult.
Dream Spirit - Thank you! :) I will try... Trying to figure out where this is going, ha ha ha.

Reyou - Thank you!! :D

ZombiePower - Yep, the creature missed. =w= Not so tough now, are 'ya?

Lethargic Karma - Ha ha ha, thank you!! I know, I figured I'd make him a silent character. xD Thank you!!
Sora-chan - Awww, thank you! ;w;

Elmentalalchemist - Yay, thanks! Hopefully, I'll be able to draw more pages. I'm just making up the story as I go, so I'm hoping I don't get stuck... Especially since I'm very inexperienced with drawing action scenes. o_o

Chingu - Ha ha, nooo. This page looks silly. xDD
Sora-chan - Tryin' to figure out just how he fit their heads into his mouth. HA HA.
Sora-chan - Thank you. ^^ I just think he looks quite silly too. Ha ha!!

Elmentalalchemist - Ha, yeah. I'd like to see just how he transformed from that blob thing to this... TwT I don't think you want to hug him though. He will eat you and drip his eye fluids on you.
Chingu - Aw, thank you. :D But, yeah, I'm working on perspective myself. This is good practice!!
This is fun. But this is the first time I've ever drawn an action comic--nevertheless drawn something breaking the ground. =w=;