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I am mighty comic-scribbling overlord! Kneel before me, pathetic mortals!

I don't have any quarrel with sprite comics personally, but chances are I'll never make or read one. Practically all of what I draw is done on GIMP 2.8 or by hand, and I'm not so experienced with drawing comics as of late, so for something super-mega-ultra shiny: please do look elsewhere.

Just tryin' my best whenever I can be bothered.

I'm a very lazy creature: I'm pretty sure that if sloth was a superpower then I'd be friggin' wonderwoman.
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yes indeedy.
@Jerry Forbe: Science is a creuel and painful way to go, but is also among the noblest.
Full comic here:
A comic about deception, evil and cybernetic avians.
June 26th, 2012