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Minor Setback
Sorry to tell everyone that after the first page after so long, but there will be no update this week (October 18th) as planned. I've come down with a terrible cold over the weekend and have been confined to the bed most of the day. No flu as I had my flu shot a month ago, however, nasty enough to keep me from doing anything but sleeping, eating tasteless food, and getting up to go to the bathroom when I need it. Wish and pray for a speedy recovery, and I promise there will be an update next Friday! Thanks for understanding.
Re: Hjels
Thanks so much, it means a lot to me. :)
I know I always personally hate when someone neglects a comic that I really get into, so I hate that I can now be considered an offender of that. Trying to remedy it though! Thanks for reading!
Hey all, sorry about the very long delay and obviously overdone hiatus. I've needed to get my butt kicked into gear. After Super Bowl, I quit that job because it was too demanding for any human being on earth, and I am not a robot! Seriously, I'm glad I'm out of it, but I've been in a funk of not feeling creative or getting back into this webcomic because of being unemployed since. (Yes, still am, and yes, it sucks.)

All whining aside! I've been motivated by some fine folks over at the SpiderForest webcomic collective who have gotten me to get in gear making updates again. I've been trying to get into their collective there, but they weren't too keen on the hiatus I'd been taking, so I'm working hard again to get accepted! I know you all haven't been too keen on the hiatus either, and I profusely apologize.

But we're picking up where we left off –– Ize scaring people! I know a lot of you have commented on having questions that haven't yet been addressed in the story, but if you would like some backstory on the characters, PLEASE remember to check my "Characters" peripheral page. It's right there on the right as a tab, and it will fill you in on these characters before the story addresses those portions as, wait for it, FLASHBACKS! Yes, expect some backstory in the near future, but I need you all to bear with me with getting the ball rolling on this main story a bit more. Everything will fall into play soon enough!

All that being said, thank you for those who have patiently waited and decided to keep reading! I will be resuming weekly updates every Friday at noon EST, so please keep Augustine in your bookmarks! :)

Til next week, thanks for reading!!
Trust me, if I could do away with Super Bowl at this point I TOTALLY would. Postponing it would just make my hiatus inevitable at some point again.

Thank you for understanding though ... I can't wait until I (HOPEFULLY) get my life back after this next week. I leave for NOLA on Tuesday and won't be back until after the game the following week. We'll see where the aftermath of the week's events and post-planning leaves me, but I'm crossing my fingers that I can start up the gears again right after I get back.

Thanks again for your interest, and I can't wait to start sharing more with you and everyone else!
1/12 Update
My apologies for not updating yesterday (1/11) as planned, but this whole month is proving to be very hellish.

My real job is in the realm of pro football in the US, and with Super Bowl coming up at the end of the month/beginning of next month I'm working longer hours and have sacrificed all of my "me" time for work.

Augustine will be up and running after the playoffs and Super Bowl have ended ... if any of you all are football fans, please think of me when you're watching the games and how much I'm suffering!

No really, thanks for putting up with me and continuing to read the comic. I hate to disappoint you all with my lack of updates, but I promise this mini-hiatus will soon be over!
Tension is ... um, through the roof? A fitting chaotic page for an update on the day that is SUPPOSEDLY THE END OF THE WORLD. If I don't post anymore, you'll know I've been blasted into oblivion. Most likely from Ize ... yikes!

That being said, I will NOT be updating the next two weeks for Christmas, New Years, and PUPPY reasons. I know, I know ... I just came back from a month off a few weeks ago, but family is important and we're getting two new puppies in the household. Getting them accustomed to the way things work around here is going to be mostly my responsibility.

Regular updates will resume after the new year, so I hope all my dear readers have an uneventful supposed-end–of-the-world day (for the most part), a wonderful holiday, and a great New Year. Augustine will be back in 2013!
As promised, Lance is a total jerk ... except to Ize. But why would he be mean to a chick he's keen on getting in the sack?

Meet Lance Erving and the rest of Bay Order. The thugs and rogues of ... well, the rogues of the city of Augustine. The worst of the worst! Character information to come soon on the Characters page, so keep an eye out!
Happy official start of Chapter Two! Thanks again for being patient the past month or so. Glad to have everyone back plus some new readers!

The Cove has headed to Spur Harbor. They're taking the elevator up to the main lounge where it's almost certain Lance and the rest of Bay Order will be loitering ...
Chapter Two is about to begin! The Cove travels to Spur Harbor HQ to get the 411 from a defeated Bay Order. Spur Harbor's HQ is built on Anastasia Island around the St. Augustine Lighthouse, a landmark that you can find today.

Sorry I've been absent for a month. Busy with work and had a vacation to Florida ... No, unfortunately not St. Augustine to do research, but to Orlando to go to Disney World! Had a lot of fun, but I'm ready to get back to drawing and sharing more of my story!
And this wraps up Chapter One! Thank you for everyone who has gotten on board with me as I started this journey. It's been a crazy, unbelievable four-month ride that I started back in late June. I didn't think I would be able to even get a few pages done before I flopped, but here I am a full chapter down and itching to draw more and more for both me and all the readers I now I have.

Stay tuned for Fridays in mid to late November for some news about the upcoming release of Chapter Two! For now I need a break to focus on work and other life issues, but I promise I will be back soon with more material for you all!
With the Cove advised to go to Central, we'll be wrapping up Chapter One next week. Tune in next Friday for the last update for a bit.

I'll be taking a few week's break getting Chapter Two ready for you all before there will be any more updates.
Trent really doesn't like to dwell on the fact he had to do time.

We're wrapping up Chapter One soon, so stay tuned!
Fighting within Spur Harbor? This Lance guy must know how to push Jade's buttons.
Some further explanation about the monkey, rather, MONKEYS on Dominic's back.
Dominic informs the Cove Assemblage on Bay Order's mishap. Instead of asking questions, Jade naturally just likes making snide remarks.
I'm sorry about not updating last week, but like I said, I was ridiculously swamped with work both the week I posted Page Eleven and last week as well.

Meet Dominic Largent, the head of all the operations! If you'd like to find out more about him, head on over to the Characters page and read into his background.
9/6 UPDATE: As predicted, this week has been hellish as well, so no new page tomorrow (9/7). Expect regular weekly updates to resume next Friday, 9/16. Thank you all for understanding.
Ize and Jade get into it while Trent tries to be the voice of reason.

Fair warning: I MAY not update next week as this week was hellish enough trying to get a page finished. After my current client's work is completed in the next week I should be able to draw regularly again.

Or who knows, I might surprise you all and have an update next Friday. Stay tuned!
Meet "Ize" (real name Eliza). This is who Trent and Jade have been talking about. Clearly she is not too happy.
Trent and Jade travel through the city to the main harbor docks, and Jade has some complaining to get out of her system.

And who might this new chick be?