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I'm so glad Tisik got his eyesight back. Is it back in both eyes or just the one? And...what is with the look he gives Areitus, and Arei's nervous-like reaction? Taron may have to kick his butt :)
"Well, I can't wait for the rest." Ooh me either :) But, I can definitely understand needing a break. Looking forward to when you return!
"That's not calming." LOL I don't blame him. That image would freak me the hell out too!
You draw so well! I have been thoroughly enjoying this comic and anxious to see how it turns out!
Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!
I hope the kitty is coming to his rescue :)
*nervously bites nails*
The feels!! I loved this page, how Iwar helped him to overcome the panic attack and then held him the rest of the night.
He got his site back?! That's awesome!!
Definitely Team Kitty!
I'm definitely hooked :) BTW - I really really like the color pages and hope you keep them! I don't mind waiting longer for it.
I love how well you draw the horses. The story has also got me hooked!
Awe I had hoped he wasn't dead, just wounded :( Poor boys.
Oh wow! Is he really dead? I hoped to hear his explanation to the boys.
April 19th, 2019
I just found your comic and have started reading it. It's interesting, and I'm enjoying the mystery of 'whodunit and why' so far. But, I admit that the jumping around in time (?) is leaving me a bit lost. Why did Pulaski's appearance change so drastically? Marty looks mostly the same to me, except longer hair and maybe a little taller. But Pulaski seems a lot different - shorter and stockier. I'm a little confused.
I hate to hear this, as I enjoyed this comic and looked forward to reading updates. But you have to do what is best for you. Nothing is worse than the chore of trying to work on something you no longer care for. I very very much appreciate you letting everyone know that you are stopping AND providing a summary of what was supposed to happen. I always hate when a comic or story is just abandoned and we're left to wonder what was going to happen.
April 12th, 2019
Love this comic!
Ok, I just have to say this page is so hot and delicious!!
Your comic is not dumb. I am enjoying it!
Wow those eyes!!!!