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Alright! Glad to see him bash in that elf's nose!
@toherrys: Oh! Ok, I see it now. I guess I just needed you to point it out :) I read flashback in the comments, but I thought you meant...well, something else. *I'm a little slow on the uptake*
I'm a little confused. Did he suddenly get his arm stuck in rocks or did something get thrown at him from the side of the panel? Did the monster creature come from the white portal or from behind? Apologies, I feel like I missed a page.
This is so interesting! I am thoroughly enjoying this comic. I wonder why the angels didn't see through the lie though, see the evil soul for what he was?
I just had a chance to read the comic from the first post. It's very enjoyable, and well drawn. The scenes are detailed and I find myself excited to see what happens next. I do wish that all the chapters were included instead of a few. The skipping pulls me out of the story and makes it a struggle to follow what's going on, even with the 'story so far' summaries.
Wha?!?!?! Nooooo!
Oh wow! At first I was thinking she's looking a little worse for wear with the scratches and all. But then...her eyes turned solid white and there's fangs!! *excited*
Wow look at the veins beginning to pop out of her neck!! Get 'em girl!!
December 8th, 2018
I'm hoping it's a 'dream' and not real. I don't see him as someone who would cheat like that when his love is still lost out there somewhere. :)
So nice to see an update to this one! :)
October 15th, 2018
I've been reading this almost since you first posted. I have enjoyed the story immensely and your art is beautiful. Radan and Tibald have been my favorite part. I hate to see it end, but glad you saw it all the way through to a reasonable stopping point. Though, I do feel like there is more story you could tell in this wonderful universe you've created.
September 1st, 2018
I also agree - he looks beautiful in that panel. I'm so glad he saved him!
@Malahide: Thanks for explaining. I was also lost as to why he was angry at him.
Heh, love the disgusted pout when she realizes she can't kill the elf yet. :)
I love the color! It looks great! The action is easier to follow with the coloring.
No matter how she tries to justify it, her people are just as bad with what they have done/are doing!
February 24th, 2018
I love this story :) I'm curious, will his arm grow back like some lizards regrow tails, or is it a permanent loss?
Oh wow! A god? That's wild. How did they manage to capture one? Where else can you be followed that gives these hints?
Yay update! I'm curious too how she knew they were becoming Dark Elves. I didn't realize that's what was happening, though they were doing some bad stuff with the kidnappings and all...hmmm. I love how he told Mirien he'd love to eat her eyes *chuckles*
LOOOOL That just cracked me up! A gnomosexual...and all those little gnomes in the background haha! That was great. Thank you for helping me start my new year with a laugh and a smile :)