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@Malahide: Thanks for explaining. I was also lost as to why he was angry at him.
Heh, love the disgusted pout when she realizes she can't kill the elf yet. :)
I love the color! It looks great! The action is easier to follow with the coloring.
No matter how she tries to justify it, her people are just as bad with what they have done/are doing!
February 24th, 2018
I love this story :) I'm curious, will his arm grow back like some lizards regrow tails, or is it a permanent loss?
Oh wow! A god? That's wild. How did they manage to capture one? Where else can you be followed that gives these hints?
Yay update! I'm curious too how she knew they were becoming Dark Elves. I didn't realize that's what was happening, though they were doing some bad stuff with the kidnappings and all...hmmm. I love how he told Mirien he'd love to eat her eyes *chuckles*
LOOOOL That just cracked me up! A gnomosexual...and all those little gnomes in the background haha! That was great. Thank you for helping me start my new year with a laugh and a smile :)
Very excited! So ready to see what happens next!
My sincere condolences. I lost my dad a few years ago. I hope your cherished memories will bring you comfort.
Wow, bad luck to fall right into the back of an unknown. I'm a little confused - she was with the other elves and the son pushed her thru a portal (?), but was that portal right where the fighting was or did she stumble there on her on after her son ditched her?

Love this comic and looking forward to the return in September!
Love the smirk on his face as he says "because you work for me now". :)
So very cool :) I'm excited to see an update! I very much enjoy this comic!
The action is so thrilling! I love it! Thank you for adding comments too, as I'll admit to I sometimes don't quite follow a specific action (like in this case Ina funneling some power to Mischief).
I love his stunned comment - uh..alright then *chuckles* She's pretty amazing.
Ah, I read it here and hope you will continue posting it here. Apologies that I rarely comment. I mainly lurk and enjoy the stories :)
Wow, he made a mess...and then enjoyed the taste. Uh..yuck? That's one way to claw your way to victory LOL Great panels full of action and detail. Awesome!
April 30th, 2017
I'm enjoying this comic but I sure hate Hildr. She has a nasty mean personality. I'm not sure I understand why restitution should be made when they kidnapped and then tried to kill his little brother. It is to avoid war even though they started it?
April 23rd, 2017
So glad to see these two again!
February 20th, 2017
Wow! Uunii is the one that changed all their programming into killer bots? I hope she is feeling remorse. Is he the last human alive completely? Or just on the colony? I'm not clear about the fate of the humans on Earth.