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I'm Kat, formally knowing as Shinigami Shimai.

I'm an out and open boi dyke who is happily married to her loving wife. I spend much of my time creating yuri stories. My goal is to create characters and stories that lesbian youth can relate to in one way or another. I used to primarily write lesbian horror and ghost stories, but over the last few years I've been focusing mainly on love stories, Mostly Inside OuT. A such I decided it was time to shed my dark title and take on a new one.
Finished another page this week. Also, Inside OuT can not be found on Tapastic as well
Thanks to the support of those on Patreon I was able to get Clip Studio Paint, currently on 60% off. Thanks for the support.
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@Skeeter451: Not entirely. Considering she grew up with Onichi she knows who Yui is, but haven't been able to talk in person.
@Skeeter451: That's because Setsuko knows she is Onichi's little sister. So Chibi Hime seemed natural to her.
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Another week, another page.

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@Skeeter451: I always put the guitar on my other leg, just felt more comfortable. Considering she is actually a Violinist she learned the guitar on her own so it wouldn't be odd for her to do things differently.
@Skeeter451: She is thinking of the fact that Melody could loss her job if they were sleeping together.

That is basically the idea. No one really knows how long Yui has so might as well let her be happy now instead of forcing her to wait.
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Posting a day early due to my b-day being tomorrow and I won't be able to.

well enjoy.

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@Skeeter451: Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. Sorry I took so long off. The Hypo Thyrpoidism really had me scared there and unsure about everything I was doing. Took a while to get focuses again. Those supporting my new Patreon have helped a lot.
@cedarfall: I said in the description, trying for once a week at the moment. Posting at the beginning of the week for Patreon and Friday evening for everyone else.
This is being posted at the beginning of the week on Patreon and then for public on Friday evening. Help support us on Patreon for advanced viewing of the story.

@cedarfall: I didn't expect to spend so long on it. I mean 400 pages wasn't in the plans...
@cedarfall: Hope you enjoy it again.
Back to work again
After a year of battling with illness and trying to sort out my life I'm back to Inside OuT again. A lot is going on right now as I started a Patreon page to try and get help with finances. I'll be working on this slowly as I finish up some other projects I'm currently working on. You can find more on Patreon: and on Tumblr:

Thanks for your patients and support.
@cedarfall: Thanks, This is not abandoned. I finally started getting better in December, the meds started to work, it just takes time to sort everything out. Kind of put me in a bad spot discovering that my immune system is attacking my thyroid and could be lethal if not watched carefully. Finally got back to scripting today. Just a matter of time before getting back to this again. Sorry for the long delay. I post updates and other art on my tumblr if you wish to know more.