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I'm Kat, formally knowing as Shinigami Shimai.

Non-binary intersex queer writer and artist who primarily works on yuri stories with their wife.
New Revised edition being worked on.
Since it has been 10 years since I began this story I've decided to go back and revise the art for Vol 1. You can see the new versions on Tapas:
sorry for delays
Last week was horrible and filled with so many problems and RL stuff happening, bills to sort out, doctors and what not so I couldn't get a new page done. Sorry about that.
sorry for delays
Had a case of Writers/artist block last week so too a moment to get back to things.
All caught up
There, this is now all caught up with Tapas. I'll return to posting a page a week from now on. Hard to believe this has been going on for 10 years now. Hope some of you here enjoy it. For WIP, advanced pages, discord and more join my Patreon or Ko-fi. Thanks for reading.
so long coming
I wanted to write this part of the story for a long long time, but it took me until now to get up the courage and strength to write it.
Vol 3 end
That would be the end of the 3rd novel. Hard to believe it came this far. I'll get to posting the beginning of Vol 4 shortly. Need to get back to work on new pages for Patreon.
I'm really glad with how this page turned out. Something about Akira in these pages came out extra cute.
That is it for this chapter. I'll try to post more after getting some RL stuff done.
Back to posting here
Sorry I have not been posting here for a while. After getting Hypothyroidism and going through a battery of tests to make sure it wasn't cancerous I had to do a lot of thinking. The bills were too much and I needed to make some extra money to build a new computer to help with my declining health so I could continue to create comics. This made me think a lot about where I was going and what I needed to do. So I started up Patreon and decided to update a lot of the pages at a new res, fix typos and other such fun. The problem is when I was all finished the pages where too big for Smack Jeeves, Not willing to rescale I just dropped SJ for the time being.

That bring us to 2019, Happy New Years by the way. After all the work I've done on Patron and Tapas I got enough money to buy an upgrade here. This mean that I can post the same quality pages here as on Tapas. Looks like I can even link to my Patreon account. I just spent the first 2 days of the new year updating all the pages here so they are the same quality as those on Patreon and Tapas. I'll be posting the new pages here over the next bit so expect to see a fair bit soon enough.

Sorry for the spam of pages. Thanks for reading.

This was just a joke I came up with when some asked where all the men where.
More Omake
Can't believe I messed things up here and have to reupload these. Sorry about all of this... if anyone is reading this at this very moment.
RE: uploading
I'm trying to reorganize and upload things again here. This is taking a bit, but I removed these Omake without realizing I could just move them around. So here they are at the end of the volume.
Pages removed
The dream sequenced has been removed so page 42-46 are now missing. I can't even find the originals to try to upgrade them to the new file size. They just didn't fit with the story so I just removed them. Sorry about this.
Finished another page this week. Also, Inside OuT can not be found on Tapastic as well
Thanks to the support of those on Patreon I was able to get Clip Studio Paint, currently on 60% off. Thanks for the support.
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@Skeeter451: Not entirely. Considering she grew up with Onichi she knows who Yui is, but haven't been able to talk in person.
@Skeeter451: That's because Setsuko knows she is Onichi's little sister. So Chibi Hime seemed natural to her.
Higher res version on Patreon:
Thanks for your support
Thanks those of you who supported me in May on Patreon. You can see a better version on my Patreon page:

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