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I didn't want to complete your riddle for everyone but if you are asking if the glass is half full or half empty in a round about way, then the chemical name should reflect water h2o: dihydrogen oxide or one of the many others per my link.

Sorry, I try to avoid math if I can. It has been too long since I took Calculus III and the like. I get enough math setting up spreadsheets for online gaming MMO's.
It should be Dihydrogen Oxide, for H20, otherwise the way you have it written would give you HO2. For more information this website is most helpful:

My guess is that there really is no need to do any of the math to summarize the question to a very common philosophical question.
Okay, but when did you imbue GFK with a love for flattening MetaKnight? or anyone for that matter.
@AcetheGolden: Heh, I was only making a suggestion - plasma_knight303 appears to be implementing it. :)

But seriously, with the party coming up and all the traffic that will be wandering in and out, a welcome mat is needy to keep the dirt and grime on the outside.
It needs a welcome mat... :)
“... I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
So long and thanks for all the Fish!!!
Kirby did get a few bounces in before reflating Meta, right? Just for old times sake... :)
Snoopy Dances!!!
*goes back in time to steal that rug for his room.
But did GLK ever flatten MetaKnight?
Hopes DMeta jumps into a wringer...
What the F*** is a samoflange?!?
I hope that Dark Meta thanks MetaKnight appropriately for the comic strip.

Say a Cozy Den with lots of books where MetaKnight can relax sprawled out in front of a fire. Others can visit and keep MetaKnight company by reading books on him. :)
Will it be a merge into one?

*embrace your dark side....
Go Meta!!!

Flatten him!
Please please please... Steamroller! :)
I'd enjoy an intermission of meta being flattened and used in various ways while the epic battle that is usually filler rages on.