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i like to:
make crafts
watch tv with my family
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    Anna B.
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i dont know why i never noticed before but you have a tumblr. now i have a reason to be on tumblr
super friggin funny. thats the movie summary right? cus in the book theyre all like 'prepare to die!' and then you know what happens? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. they shake hands and leave.
i did it!
i finally caught up!yaaaaaaaaaaaay
jeez my life is complete right now, i.. i officially have nothing to do. im a little sad :)
ah so many comments
i have to respond because i went through the same thing except two different incidences with two differnt cousins. one of those was like that and when my mom asked about it i covered for him. i just didnt want to get in trouble. my mom knows about the other incident cuz she walked in on it but i have only told one other friend and its been along time since then. id say the experience definatley affected me.
i laughed out loud
i read the part where miriam stayed up all night with your dad and i thought it was the cutest thing! i love your family's unique relationship and trying to catch up with all the chapters as soon as i can
yep in this you definitely look like your dad. and little bernard is cute
finally found out how to comment
i think you and your dad are really alike in this spread, the way he wanted to take care of his brother reminds me of you and miriam.