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I'm mostly a freelance artist That also works retail in a safety supply store
I draw more for entertainment than anything. I have various stories to draw but am only focused on one at a time for fear of not finishing any.

I do have "Adventures in Silence" unfinished. The script was corrupted and I am not rewriting over a years worth of script again and my co-writer bailed.
But I am currently writing another story alone which I will start drawing in about a year or so.

Until then enjoy my scrap comic of "Weird Shit that pops in my brain"
It will never have a regular update schedule or consistent art but it's for me to de-stress before and maybe even during creating my new stories.

I have a blog, not comic related and rarely updated, but it's in my profile so enjoy anyways.
By now the extras page is filled with info on what a Nmego is and I think it's time to actually post the stats on the playable pathfinder race Nmego. :D enjoy
Page 2
From now until I decide differently this comic will update at the end of every month around noon mountain time.
A day early
I was planning for the release date to be tomorrow but I got impatient.

I hope you enjoy!
Chapter 1 Coming of age
First page coming soon