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This comic is so beautiful and fascinating and sweet, I love it <3 <3
Super cool art and story!! I love Hollow Earth theory haha :D
I just binge read this entire comic today for the first time, and OMG I'm so overwhelmed with emotions!! I laughed and cried and my heart melted! Such a tender and expressive and beautiful story, I love these boys so much! ;_; And the way you draw facial expressions is amazing. Also as someone who struggles with anxiety, it was very cathartic and therapeutic to read... Omg this has to be one of my new top favorite comics, I love it dearly <3 Looking forward to more! <3
I'm back! And omg thanks for 200 fans!!! :o I think if I reach 500 fans I'll draw another thank you picture... a 7-years-later one. :D
Laiel's siblings: Dered (14) and Halis (5)

A lot happening on this page...
@Naruhina2124: Thanks for your support! ;o; <3 And even I can't handle how adorable they are, hehe they are my babies :3
@AssyntAngel: Hehe thanks ^^ <3
@Lovemarsh: There shall be more! <3
Sorry for the late update, I’ve been stuck in a rut and had to take a break for mental health purposes… it’s inevitable sometimes. But I’ll update this comic as much as I can, and I definitely won’t give up! >:3
@NightBronze: Aw thank you! ^__^ <3
I felt like coloring this page to show the colors in Jian's eyes. ^^ The reason I don't usually color the pages is that it takes much longer to finish, and I'd rather update more frequently. So I'm gonna stick with grayscale, but occasionally I might color a page here and there~
This page gave me mega artist's block so I took my time on it. Luckily I don't have to draw many more city scenes for a while. ~_~
Roly poly Jian ^^
OMG thank you to everyone who's reading my little comic! ^__^ I reached 100 fans on my birthday, wooo! I've never had so many people reading any comic I've created before! Happy <3 Here are smol Jian and Laiel sitting in a tree... not k-i-s-s-i-n-g YET, gosh! ;D
@Naruhina2124: He's from a secret civilization of magical people. :3 And thanks! <3