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This comic is so beautiful and fascinating and sweet, I love it <3 <3
Super cool art and story!! I love Hollow Earth theory haha :D
I just binge read this entire comic today for the first time, and OMG I'm so overwhelmed with emotions!! I laughed and cried and my heart melted! Such a tender and expressive and beautiful story, I love these boys so much! ;_; And the way you draw facial expressions is amazing. Also as someone who struggles with anxiety, it was very cathartic and therapeutic to read... Omg this has to be one of my new top favorite comics, I love it dearly <3 Looking forward to more! <3
Profile pictures of Laiel and Jian when they're kids and when they're adults. ^^
Concept art of younger Jian & Moki in Jajulu :3 (Designs have changed a bit since I drew this)
NOTE: This isn't page 18 of the comic, I just wanted to depict an important scene that happens at the end of chapter 1... because, as you may have noticed, I stopped drawing the comic months ago. ^^;; It was just way too much work for me, I was completely exhausted after every page. In addition, I wanted to re-write the script; and the story itself was just too damn long! If I do re-start Shadowsoul in the future, I'll post an update here. Bye for now! :)
Her cat senses are tingling?
I had to move a panel to the next page cause there wasn't enough room. :P

Although I'm drawing black and white pages so I can progress the story faster, I still miss coloring... so I've decided that occasionally I'll color a page... like if it's a cool action scene and only 2-4 panels... I do have at least one planned for later on in this chapter. Wheeee :D
Drawing Celeste's last facial expression amused me. :D

New character on the next page! ;3
I'm on a roll this week. :D Aaalmost done with this scene!
Yay another page! :)
This page is super adorable *^_^*
Some more details unfold... :3
Finally some explanations...! :3
YAY got this one done pretty fast! Page 11 should be quicker as well cause it's just characters and dialogue, less backgrounds (it's the backgrounds and battles that drag out my drawing time)!

I was just gonna stick with stark black and white originally, but now I'm using a tiny bit of gray toning cause it was hard to depict an evening sunset in black and white only. ^^;
Even I don't understand why this page took me so long to draw, but here you go! ^^; What a struggle... *collapse* I thought ink-only pages would be quicker to draw, but apparently not! Luckily, page 10 is almost done as well! This story will start making more sense soon, with some exposition on page 11. :3
Soooo I changed my mind about penciling the comic! I decided to do black and white digital inking instead cause it looks cooler and cleaner. I like the look of black and white only, with no grayscale tones. My inner goth approves. >:3

By the way, if the first panel causes some deja vu- that's because I removed it from page 7. I added a few more panels and pushed this one onto page 8 because I... kinda messed up the script a little. :P

Digital inking might actually be faster for me to draw than penciling by hand, because no shading / scanning / cleanup is required, and digital art is easier to edit. Hopefully it'll help me simplify my style a bit more. It also matches the dualistic symbolism of the story, so yay! :D

Updating this 5 times a week is unrealistic for me though, cause I draw slow (and space out a lot) and my time management skills are... non-existent. ^^; I'm still struggling with a major artist's block too, so... I'll update as much as I'm able to. u_u
@CAMLOST: Thanks for the support! ^__^
Beautiful colors <3 And I love the transitions between the dream and reality (not sure which is which yet!) :)