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This comic is so beautiful and fascinating and sweet, I love it <3 <3
Super cool art and story!! I love Hollow Earth theory haha :D
I just binge read this entire comic today for the first time, and OMG I'm so overwhelmed with emotions!! I laughed and cried and my heart melted! Such a tender and expressive and beautiful story, I love these boys so much! ;_; And the way you draw facial expressions is amazing. Also as someone who struggles with anxiety, it was very cathartic and therapeutic to read... Omg this has to be one of my new top favorite comics, I love it dearly <3 Looking forward to more! <3
This page is super adorable *^_^*
Beautiful colors <3 And I love the transitions between the dream and reality (not sure which is which yet!) :)
So glad to see this updating! ^__^ I love your comics!
So happy to see this comic is back! :D I really liked the old version, but the new version looks amazing!!
Jeez, I can't get over how beautiful and ethereal your coloring is... <3 I looove this page!
Very beautiful pages... I love the art style and colors of this chapter! <3
Wonderful characters and story, I loved it! Congratulations on completing the whole comic! :D
So excited for this story arc!! :D Also, coool logo!
OMFG this page is the stuff of nightmares!! *internal screaming*
Your characters' dialogue cracks me up so much!! XD
Scout and Kyisha! :D I'm a Sophie Campbell fan too, Shadoweyes and Wet Moon are my favorites :)

Your comic is really cool and your coloring looks great! I want to know more about Moira, she's freaky. :o
This comic is awesome! :D
I love how often you update this comic because this chapter has really had me in suspense! I get excited when I see a new page up :D
Hahaha naughty Castalia <3
I really like the colors on this page :D