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Crazy, Yaoi fan, emo and lovin it dont BS me and I'll be nice K
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in panal 5 you forgot the ring lol
ZEBRA to the rescue!
omg noise rape and thats nois joke
happy new year
what does he mean by "i need a fag"?
i belong to BL clubs, does that make me gay? lol
oooooooooooh i likey this page it feel warm.
chuuuu no problem i love this story it progressing nicely.
November 29th, 2007
mutiple panels i likey nyuuuu
lol that's great lmao
Ahh bloody nose founten shoves tissue box up nose. <(*=*)>
bandage on wrong hand lol i love your comics faved them all
love it i saw it coming a mile away
need more *falls on floor dieing*
ALL of the guys I know wouldn't care abou going in or not. most would go shoping with me.