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    no one shall ever know :D
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wow you actually made me cry :'( i love the characters so much, they were really convincing. amd since the beginning i had the little hope that the beeping stopped because elliot ripped the cord off and started living for real :'( that made the real end even more devastating
haha in the last panel it looks loke he's boxing with the nurse XD
i you're inerested in my opinion i found the original hilarious because it didn't make sense :) i really liked how they made the possible pedo an officer just because they needed staff and all that :( but it's your decision to make...
noooooooooooo :'( you can't be serious :( why does it always have to be the good ones that are dropped?
sorry if i'm annoying but i just have to point out that perfectly drawn hand :D
i really love this story <3
and thanks a lot for converting the heights :) i will never understand inch and foot :S
March 6th, 2013
i got it too but it really took me a long time :D
best excuse ever XD
another update i can't believe my luck <3 you're the best and i love your comic so much. :D
hihi "who gives a shit" XD i actually read it as "who gives a shirt" first and thought that would be a great name for a clothes store XD i really love your comic and the hidden little jokes <3
finally!!! you're planning to continue <3 <3 <3 i've been waiting so long for this ^-^