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I'm P.T. Piranha. I like the internet, riding my bike, sketching, playing video games, & watching TV. I'm a nice person. I can't stand a few certain things, though: Trolls & Bad Words.
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So that's what you look like without the mask... kinda obvious given the sprites used, but still.
This match has been going for about a year now at least.
This'll be interesting
Plus you did nice on Doopliss and Cheato.
All right
More robots down, maybe we can get back to the fight.

Unless this fight is teaching them a lesson...
Heat Man's such a baby.
His line sounded like something I heard on That Guy With the Glasses, the way he said it that is.
Doesn't Snake already have a weapon like that?
I don't care if you respect him or not, but what you're doing isn't good, it's still childish, it makes you look like a jerk for people who don't know better, and it makes you look clingy.

I'm not saying Crazy did the right thing, but this whole mess where you don't ever forget him is making me wonder about some of my respect for you.
You never struck me as one to be a Bobobo character parody, and Plokman is never really around when Crazy and I get into it, so I coudln't tell you.

And will you QUIT making jabs at Crazy at every opportunity? It's childish.
There is a place called Casino Night zone however.
A little but I got over it.

Okay maybe it won't hurt. In fact, you might even see that those days weren't perfect, and you'll move on.
It's a constant reminder of the old times that you idealize so much.

I'm not worried about Crazy seeing it.
E-Man what are you doing?!

I know you have some strange inability to move on past Crazy, but posting the old Crazy Comics doesn't seem like a very good idea!
But now what?
Isn't this about where the comic stopped?
I don't remember the comic getting much past this part.

Anyway happy birthday, E-Man.
Well E-Man
If there's anything I've learned on DeviantART it's that this sort of inflation thing is a fetish you appear to have.
You don't want to know...
... All I'll say is that she wrote what many people recognize as the WORST fan fiction of all time. Absolute worst and I wouldn't doubt it. Just leave it at that.

Oh and I forgot the other L in her last name.
It's okay if you don't go crazy with it... Like how Tara Gilesby did... (shudder)
This was back when you were into inflating chicks. *shudder*
E-Man you're not showing any signs of improving if you're just painting Crazy as an antagonist and trying to think of yourself as his villain foil or something.

And you're always indirectly putting him down too. Saying your comic skills look better, saying my writing skills look better.

Look I know him ditching you and all of us SUCKS but... it's done! People like Plokman* and I are the only ones suffering from this now. Crazy can't hear your motives to spite him - we're your only audience and we don't need to hear about it. I say this because it seems like you want Crazy to know you've "moved on". If that's the case - find a way to tell him that instead of insisting to us.

(*Sorry if I lumped you in Plokman, if that's not how you feel.)

(*Also sorry if this was a little rude. But it's late, I'm tired, I'm in a bad mood, and this one-sided feud has gone long enough.)

And trying to "replace him"... just sounds creepy on paper.