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I am a gamer, as well as an Anime, Manga, and Sprite Comic Fan!
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'Cause it creates useful distractions! >=3
Someone went Maverick. XD
Sliders, palettes, Random buttons...

You MMOs and your fun things! ;D
@Fluff waddle dee: 'Kawaii' is 'cute' in Japanese, although usually used in a more childish setting, I believe.
You can't break what's already broken? Tell that to Youtube. While you're at it, tell them to QUIT FIXING WHAT ISN'T BROKEN! >.<
Debuff, STAT!... Or better yet, never mind me. But I do want the ability, though... I love the sword/bomb combinations~
...I feel a Pikmin reference coming on.
I enjoyed this reference. =3
I have a feeling that there will be lasers involved soon...
This reminds me of my tee-shirt with the phrase: "YOU CAN'T BEAT MARIO"
Yay for going to college! I, however, need to complete my sophomore year that just started. =(
Someone hacked the NPC~ ;D
...I'd like to know why that sock has specials attached to it. That also means there are more of them with other specials equipped to them. I simply MUST know what...'genius'...came up with these as a set of equips. ;=)

*Ahem* Glad to see this again! =D
*Clunk* "It's dark in here..."

Not that I want to make fun of anybody. =(

Aside from that, that is a REALLY cool looking toy set and toy-box sprite. 0.o
Wow... I think that worked a little too well. XD

Also, yay for fifty different channels! ;D
It kinda looks like she's disassembling...