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Ayame Hatari
I'm adopted born May 11 1993, I have a twin sister named Yuriko (Author name Yamimaru) I am the Author of Inuki and the Writer of The Saku Brothers! I like Shounen ai, BL, Romance, and Fantasy anime and manga. I love shounen Jump, Shojo Beat, Clamp, Toyko Pop, and Broccoli Books manga
I also like Anime!!
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awww so cute! i lovet he last pannel
lol cute! "get off my tv" XD
thats good you found her. hey what kind of cat... and can i see a picture of her sometime? -loves cats- but i had to give my cat away when she grew up because i am allergic to cats (not kittens tho which is weird)
poor kitty! just put some food out she'll come back soon! happened to my cat before. just look on your roof and in near by trees and anyplaces like small holes around that she could have gotten stuck in. she'll come back soon.. just keep and eye and ear out for her!
so cute as a kid ^^
Ayame Hatari
May 11th, 2008
Yeah. Today was my birthday! Woot 15~.... not that anyone cares... most of my family forgot it was my birthday due to mothers day.... so... yeah anyways Onto the news.
I'm sad to say.... that Inuki may need a new artist... unless i can convince Levi to draw... but... i dont know how likely that will be... so if you want to draw sent me a sample of you work... we need someone who is good ah following directions. And can draw dogs/wolves/animals and people and backgrounds. Tho that may be impossible to find someone that good.... i can hope!~ so... sorry for the delay...
<3 love your art -faves-
Tao i can make ya one if ya waaaaaaaaaant~ ^^ (would take a while.... anyways. If ya want me to send my a note on DA or on MSN~ Bye~
Learninh Life lessons from comics neeee~ Tao-chaaaan~? XDD
Welcome back to the world of Smackjeeves! ^^ I like the new/modified story so far~ ^^
grah! stupid school!!! (wont let me have time on the comp...) OMG!!! hi long time no see~ I LOVE COMIC!!
Hello~ I like how this is turning out (well i've always liked it buuuut thats not the point~) This is a "spur-of-the-moment-OMG-this-would-make-a-good-comic-not-really-planed-out-sto ryline comic right?
what the- I started this comic a LONG time ago and people from Saku and just starting to read!?

but anyways thanks Blitz-oniichan! XD and you liked the randomness??
Hey boss!! Yeah i think you may like it but... I DONT HAVE MANY IDEAS -is sad- think ya can help ^^; tho it will have a smexy wolf boy twist!! (and some made up stuff too XDD)
yup! and YA CANT STEAL LAON WHAT ABOUT TOMI you'll make him very mad...
thanks Ana~
Ayame Hatari
February 2nd, 2008
nice page but i do really miss the color XD
Levi wana name him Nao which means Honest in japanese