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I like pokemon,naruto,comics,anime,cartoons,animals I like to go jogging. I'm still trying to be a better artist.
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    Kia Bowen
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March 3rd, 2017
I thought it was a new pic and almost ignored...dodged a bullet there.
I like how he's not prince adam with a golden chariot and hand maidens...It's refreshing to see an ineresting character as the mc's crush.
October 29th, 2015
I meant to ask this forever but (nice drawing by the way) what's up with the lines below Toumi's eyes?
Finally, couldn't wait for this to start-!
Hey he grew up! Like before he would NEVER have said that but it just goes to show how you portray character development.
i kinda like this better than ASToL for some reason. Maybe it's because the characters are a bit more fleshed out...or described. And the fact that we don't have to wait a BAJILION years to find out how they met each other...
this page was posted twice.
I guess that's a bit of a "slip" up!
Night is spelt Nigth by accident
July 20th, 2015
Is that simo!?
I'll consider Brussels sprouts leftovers when I stop thinking of it as grass and start thinking of it as food.
Sad comment
I actually loved this, it made my day to watch because I could actually see your art progressing, really sorry to hear this...
I love this even more than ASToL! Im glad you ranted about it so i know it exists! I like the storyline so far and the characters seem original.
@Pikachuyou: Your avatar is perfect!
At least I get where the hate comes from now...
I don't get it...
you misspelt boring.
January 30th, 2015
Rova: Drag the other one from the wall.
Why not just use her hand to stab her with too...0u0
First Comic! And I like how he's talking to the phone and blaming it!