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Happy! Happy!
Angel sweetheart please let us know you are ok. Worried.
December 6th, 2013
No it doesn't, I love the look in the last panel, alittle hesitant, alittle guilty and alittle defensive. Beautiful.
aawww, shuno??
Amazing Angel, just amazing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Kaito/Shuno sex but its the whole story that just astounds me all the time!
KaitoShuno will always be my first love but I am really enjoying your other one, its really sweet and funny.

You have really done something to be proud of, and we love you for it. Remember to take care of yourself though, that should always come first! Thanks for the amazing pages over the last few weeks. Your talent just grows and grows and we are greatful for it! Thank you Angel for letting us into the lives of Kaito and Shuno.
As much as I love him, Kaito is a really bad boyfriend.
I have also really enjoyed this comic even if I've only been reading for a year or so. Thanks for doing it and will be watching you in the future.

I meant your comics, sorry for the creepiness.
aaawwww, so cute!

Good luck this semester Angel!
Um, could they have sex now? Pretty please?
I have really enjoyed this chapter and am SO happy that Kaito is glomping his smelly, hairy man. Thank you for all the hard work and all the updates you've done over the last few weeks. Way to go Angel!
Your audience awaits you!
Omg don't you dare cut his hair! All scarred up and all, mmmmm!
I can barely stand the tension, Angel, you are just amazing! And I might add that Shuno looks just so, mmmmm, all messed up and on his game!
Rut roh.
Things gettin tense, Shuno. Remember whose waiting for you at home!

Signed up, Angel, looks great!
Major excitement! I'm nervous for Shuno! So glad you are back!
Thank you! Thank you! All is right in my world! Be sure to take some time for yourself, you deserve it!