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Yup, this is a great story so far!
Story's gearing up, I like it!
I'm digging the color! Hope you're getting along better. I'm going to donate today!
Yes, I was re-reading chapter 5 and at some point you mentioned you didn't think you'd ever write this story any further.
Well, I'm here to tell you that I am super glad you kept it going!
Keep it up. You must take AGES to draw some of these... and I know it's got to be hard work. But I'm one of what appears to be many who think it's worth the wait!
I'm still popping in every update! Yeah, and it is hard to read, but that's life... sometimes it's hard.
February 20th, 2013
This is fantastic... I just read it over two days and am blown away. I had skipped over this comic because it was a 3D render. I've seen some bad ones, but I gave this a chance because it was recommended. Glad as hell I did! It is such a unique premise... Should have sent a poet...
Yes, an absolute gem! By far the most interesting GL story. Not just the usual reason-for-nudity.
January 21st, 2013
He had a lot more of this story on here, but decided to re-do it. I like where it's going!
yay, you're back!
I'm thinking that might not be her real name...
good stuff, always love me a good zombie story :)
I'm 100th FAN!
Yay me!