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Random British girl with an obsession with zombies and the inability to stick with one project for too long... for now.
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hahaha, god I love it! That's the best thing I've seen in a while. Once I find out who my secret santa is I may have to request a copy of that.

Thanks Secret Santa!
This one is too cute for words and totally awesome. I think I know who draw it too. Not saying though so pfft :P
I feel like this a lot of the time myself. I found a really good article/eBook that helped with it all and helped me get a new perspective on what I want from my writing/comics (when I eventually get around to drawing them) It's called the War of Art and it's pretty easy to Google.

If venting about it on your dailies helps you feel better than continue to do so. I know that when I read the comics like this one on here I feel like I'm not alone in my feelings of inadequacy and it's not as hard any more.

Maybe it's the artistic temperament we hear about rearing its ugly head or maybe it's just the way some of us are but personally I'm starting think we need to set up some kind of support group.
Looking goood
I'm glad you're still here!! I've been lurking and checking back regularly because I loves the comic so much.
extra updates/ fanservice. Either whould be awesome!

I love your comic even though I only just found it.
Glad to see you're back and ok. Shame about you having h1n1 but I'm happy you're ok. Hopefully you'll be done and done well with your midterms soon so we can have much amusement with the funnies
I finished reading that and I immediately thought "Insert Eastenders theme tune here" I am seeing a big scary but here like 'I'm dating someone' or 'I think I'm straight'
All I can say about Slendric is yummmm
XD I love this woman! I know its a Yaoi comic but can we keep her around? like forever? PWWEEEEESSSEEEE??!!
ahahahaha His expressions in the last two panels. When will he figure out the Captain is very unlikely to sleep with him? hehehe
I'm in a picture >.< right near the top!! WWWEEEE, you just made a crappy day awesome xxx
Poor Luca!! His parents just left with only goodbye written on a note?! SRSLY!! I think I'd sit down, cry and refuse to move for a week if that happened to me. It SUKS
I just gotta say that I love your art style and look forward to more updates ^^