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I'm a lady that enjoys drawing ladies of all shapes and colors.

I do these webcomic(s) for fun. Anything you read or see in them that may offend you doesn't have to offend you because you don't have to read it.

Love, JesseMuffins <3
I feel you. The past year was horrible for me as well with shitty job and a bad break up. Stay strong. I love your comic and I'm so happy you're still continuing. :)
I'm waiting at the edge of my office chair. <3
@ArtistXXY: Ohhh. Okay, I see where you're coming from. Yeah, I hate it when my pages look different after scaling down or changing the resolution. D:

I usually scale down a little the original scan before doing any work on it.
You're shading differently! I like how your style has become smoother. I dunno if I like so much the splotchy-ness of the edges of the shades, but maybe that's just a creative preference of mine. Like, panel one it looks cool, but in panel 2 and 3 when the same shading is on the faces it kinda looks like a growth.

Your style is really coming along. Very cute. :)

P.S. OMG!!! Kitty stockings!
Awwwh... zombie huggles. :3
Awwwh.. Cute shy Nana. Anya still needs to apologize!!!
sp... she can't feel pain?!?!? who dah hell is she...O_O
Anya was so cool and cute until now... -_-
Your characters are all so fun. :3
Their uniforms are so cute!!!!
Ooh lala at the 4th panel. Haha. Loving the story so far and your art is very cute. :3
I'm excited for the update. very cute and quirky story. :3
I don't understand why this comic doesn't have more fans. The art is cute. The characters are cute. It's Girl Love! I dunno... This comic deserves more.

I look forward to a new update. Can't wait to see where their relationship goes. :3

Super fan mode. >:D
August 14th, 2016
Doesn't have a boyfriend and has a bunch of cats. perfect. haha. :3
I'm so excited. I love your shading and coloring. :3
He finally got the butt. I'm so happy for him! ToT
just finished reading everything. The Pepe dad had me dying. Haha. Can't wait for more! :)
Woaaaaah. Just stumbled upon this. So pretty!
"Jesus" is right... damn how tragic. :(