Real Name: Aiden
Age: 14
Gender: Male

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Welp it's been forever since I've even interacted with this. I like to draw and stuff. Chances are though unless you're in DoMP and also have Skype we won't talk very often.
Main Comic(s): Chronology
Side Comic(s): Kirby Dream Team
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Gigi's Promise: http://prntscr.com/o9h5m
Now bugger off you lum bucket.

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Recent Comments

Comment on Chapter Five Page 6 of Crystal Quest
Ryjora, 09 Jul 2015 06:45 am
@ TechGamer5: I thought it was a storm too, but only because of the "RUMBLE" in the fifth panel.
Comment on A Tense Introduction (Melody) of Kirby Dream Team
Ryjora, 2015, Jul 09
@Aqua "screw McDonald's WiFi" hed: her name is Symphony nerd, get up to date.
Comment on Map of DoMP by Ryjora of Dump of Many People
Ryjora, 28 Jun 2015 05:35 pm
Two bitches beat me to death while I was making this
Comment on Yosh v3 of Dump of Many People
Ryjora, 21 Jun 2015 05:52 am
@imadoofus: Heartzis
Comment on characters of Void Misadventures
Ryjora, 20 Jun 2015 05:28 am
Maybe you should spend more time developing your characters and less time making a fuckload of them?

That's just my opinion anyways.
Comment on Kiegan x Isabella OTP of DompStuck Miscellany
Ryjora, 30 May 2015 08:27 pm
Comment on Animation Test (Blinking) of Pencil Powerz
Ryjora, 24 May 2015 06:11 am
Sassy ending
Comment on Silence is Golden - Part 3 of 20 Times Kirby!
Ryjora, 11 May 2015 07:54 pm
20 Times Kirby (Plus 10 MORE copies of kirby)
Comment on Fine. I did it. Happy? of Dump of Many People
Ryjora, 04 May 2015 03:50 pm
Alright, that's BEYOND enough. Fighting is for children. If it's genuinely that big of an issue, I'll take it down.
Comment on Sword Knight - Kuro of Kirby Dream Team
Ryjora, 2015, Apr 27
Well, I mean, He can pump out a lot of these it seems. Maybe he should spend more time on quality control though.

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