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Welp it's been forever since I've even interacted with this. I like to draw and stuff. Chances are though unless you're in VMA and also have Skype/Discord we won't talk very often.
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February 5th, 2018
Libra got her children tears!!
January 22nd, 2018
Welcome back! Happy new years!
Damn Frank hurry up
Damn hope she escapes
It's gonna be one hell of a scarf once it's finished.
@plasma_knight303: That's kind of fitting for your current situation. It's a long road ahead, but if you work at it you'll make some powerful friendships
@plasma_knight303 @Deuce3210 : you guys are too dramatic about it! I was a huge asshole when i was in charge of Domp. We all had flaws! This is like a second chance kinda
@SuperScratchkat: idk if domp has one but this is just one for me and friends so I figured I'd advertise it here
Discord is a messaging and voice chat app where you can make servers to speak with friends, and, in my opinion, a direct upgrade from Skype. You can either download it or use the in-browser version here:

I've set up a discord server for friends! If you're interested in joining, add me on Discord: Ryjora#0971

This will be a general chat, and won't necessarily be exclusive to DoMP members; It will be a somewhat small group where people can chat and play games as they please.

Confused or have any questions? Either message me on Smackjeeves or Discord.
This is one of my best friends Laurel in her god tier. More to come??
I recently retook the long ass test and got space again! It's kinda refreshing because I haven't gotten space in 2 years lmao. I think this test is really interesting over the years because as you develop as a person you get WAY different classpects.
I never saw this! But I wish I had. It's quite nice for it's time period :)
Gray is my fav <3
@plasma_knight303: Its a satellite of your choice that gained sentience over thousands of years, read 17776 (link in author comment)
I've liked Starbound quite a bit recently (Even if this drawing is a bit old.) So I figured I'd upload this.

Maybe I'll draw my Novakid soon :)