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About me...
Well there's not really much I can say about myself. I guess I'm pretty average, average height, average build, average Joe.
I draw for a hobby, I also practice martial arts and rollerblade.
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    Drew Gilbert
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He's going to man up.
And tell George to hit the road.
...and she'll follow him because she 'happens to be travelling in the same direction' and you know what the travel options are like in the pokemon games...
On a further note...
Atticus has not displayed an ounce of emotion during this whole ordeal.
Either he is truly good at not giving a damn or he honestly suspected this of George from the very first time he agreed to let her travel with him.
Evolution by radiation
Awww I thought evolution stones were all about radiation.
The bigger question would be is microwave radiation actually considered fire radiation or is it electrical radiation?
He's the guy from Celedon city!!!
'I know everything!'
'I know everything about the world of pokemon on your gameboy'
That's nice, I'm still usually going to walk in - not even talk to you and swipe your Eevee which seems to be your only companion.
@SeriousJupiter: George will get let go because it will take them too long to figure out what to do with her. First they have to realise she's female, then theere is the problem of most juvenile centres not being equipped to deal with young girls.
We all knew it was coming. Atty was going to sack the zap rat so a real pokemon could continue the battle for a chance at victory.
The hell if expectation made it any less amusing.
@supercomputer276: ...His cigarettes?
Although Stein would then require a lighter...
@WobbleBird: Remember their interest in a fair trade? George is not worth the jumper.
Wow, so many differing opinions on a relatively simple character.
Simple minded, simple motivation, simply beat her ass and move on.
February 22nd, 2013
Master Tatsu says take pizza for five fingered discount or trade for knuckle sandwhich.
@The Orange Cow:
...uhhh...right you are.
The End.
While I take my sweet ass time writing the story for the Foxes and Cats I'm going to be working on my drawing skills, they really need improving.
@The Orange Cow: How about a doggy trimming while they're at it, those claws are also sharp.

I imagine figuring out the muzzle size would be a bit of a test, since the muzzle only takes that shape once a month and the owner isn't in the best of moods during that time.
Nearly there...
@The Orange Cow: It doesn't matter if it's steroids or experimental magic. Nothing good can come of this...
Kind of predictable but some things are just classic.
In Australia we have lizards that get to about three foot in body length, frankly I wouldn't tangle with one, now imagine that horrible bastard spits fire...
No thank you.

Ahh Monster Rancher always was a fan of the Zuum class. Raised one that took the league by storm, mind you, it was the end result of about five generations.
@The Orange Cow: #17 page 15
She's had her shock, maybe a little more would be a good thing though...
Maybe not such a damsel in distress after all.
So, does she have to clean blood from between her toes or does it just ash up and disappear?