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Hi I'm a crazy comic artis in the making 8D
Well I love to draw *duuh* ,read ,write, sing, music and archery!

I just started drawing comics so any feedback and help is appreciated, critique is okey as well I want to improve. But...just go easy on me^^'
I am making my own page as well, will be up and running soon ^^ *I hope*
Aaaaw you guys!♥
100+ fans, I am so happy ^///^
Have a little romantic-fantasy-boys-art as thanks ;)

Today I graduated so now I will have more time to work on this comic but...
I won't have access to a scanner until my mum starts work again
so the next update might still be faraway T-T
Though I will make sure to have a lot done till then~
( ^ 3^)/~<3
@scaryemochick: Haha xD
No it's not that bad, though you are welcome to slap him around a bit ^^
@ParanormalCupcakes: Happy to hear that :D
Second page yay!♥ I will be trying to update every two weeks but with graduation coming up it might be a little hard to keep to the deadlines^^'
Wow there has been so much problems around making this comic. But now I have all the materials and school is soon finished so hopefully I might be able to update more often. x___x
It is so hard to draw kids, good thing they grow up xD

Big thanks to all of you for being so supportive♥
@scaryemochick: Thank you so much, I'm so glad to hear that♥
@lovelessbutterfly: Thank you very much♥
@ayna: Thank you so much<3
That was the end of this comic.
But now that I've gotten the hang of thing I am starting a bigger project!<3
I hope you all will enjoy the cover for now~<3
The pages will start comig soon, since I'm drawing around the clock to get this comic started!
Funny Fact 8D
Based on irl experience. My cat was sitting on my back when I was trying drawing so I got the idea for this. That can actually fall asleep up there it's crazy xD
Ooh my god!
First page of my first comic ever finished!
I hope to become a comic-artist so this really means alot to me~<3

Critiques and help is appreciated^-^

Media: liquid ink, an old photoshop and an even older computer -_-'