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I'm a teenage girl with way too much time on her hands.

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@tygermon I actually have the next page mostly shaded out. Just have a few things I need to finish, and it'll be done. :) The end of this weekend, at the latest.
Awww, his expression and pose. <3 Poor thing.
Sorry for being so late!
And here's where the story really starts!
Here's page 2! More recent than the last page, but still a couple weeks old. Though it was just after I got my new tablet, which explains why the shading is a bit weird compared to the first page.
Them hyena cubs are little brats.

Anyway, first page of Tale of the Crying Hyena! This was actually written by my older sister; I'm just drawing it. Speaking of which, this page was drawn like...I think a month ago. It's ooooold.

Anyway, I'm gonna update this every weekend with a new page. Friday counts as the weekend, shush. This comic is not going to be very long; that's why it's on my 'Shorts and Folktales' site. XD Hope you enjoy, anyhow!

OH, and also. This comic is going to have a different shading style than City of Trees does. I figure since it's a short, it's a chance for me to experiment with different drawing techniques and such. Lemme know what you think!