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City of Trees summary
Sadly, I don't think I'll be getting back to City of Trees. :( So I've done a summary and one more piece of Tani and Adi. Of course I'll likely do more art of them in the future, for fun, and I may return to City of Trees again someday, but for now, I leave you with this, if you want to know how the comic ends.

This picture on dA:

The summary:
@Reiu Shanra: She is indeed a hypocrite. :) I've never imagined Sanatani as a 'hero.' Adi actually goes through more character development than her.
@tygermon I actually have the next page mostly shaded out. Just have a few things I need to finish, and it'll be done. :) The end of this weekend, at the latest.
A huge thanks to my friend Tygermon for helping me out with this layout! <3 Because my dumb ass just can't do any kind of coding. XD
Experimenting a lot here! After reading the review on City of Trees, tried putting more effort into the backgrounds. And using line art in the backgrounds. O.O Something I don't think I've ever done. Also tried doing speech bubbles differently, and used a different font. Please tell me what you think, and let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Oh, and yeah, also made the page bigger. Because previous pages are just so frikkin' tiny, it was getting really hard for me to work in them. Dunno how I did it before.

PS: I hate drawing teeth.
@Weeeee: Really? That's cool! Yeah, they didn't inform me. At least, if they did, I didn't see it. I'm going to have to go look now. Hmm, not quite sure what to say. D: I didn't really do a whole lot with my comic. I just got an idea and started on doing like, I don't know... a page a day? Posted pages on deviantART and here on Smackjeeves, which probably helped. My older sister also advertised a bit for me. So I guess the best I can say it, update regularly (something I'm not doing so well on anymore XD) and advertise. A lot. Also try posting on multiple websites. More people will see it that way. :)
@Ninja Kitten XP: Mmmm, deer burger. Sounds delicious.
This was fun to draw.
Sorry this took so long. Hopefully I'll be better next chapter. The story's going to pick up, but... it's also going to be really gross. XD
So sorry for taking so long! I wish I had a good excuse, but really I don't. :( Just find it so hard to get up the motivation to draw this thing. I mean, I've been drawing a lot, just not these characters.

I was so excited when I first started drawing City of Trees. I did a new page almost every day at first. I loved working on it, I loved my characters, I was so excited to go through the whole story line... but the more I work on the comic, the more I dislike it. I don't like my own characters, I find my own storyline to be overly cheesy and sappy, and just... I don't like it. XP And no matter how hard I try to fix these things, it always seems to get worse. Which explains why updates are getting slower and slower. BUT. Despite all this, I still want to finish the comic. Too many times I've fallen in love with a comic, only to have the artist stop working on it completely, because either they're busy or, like me, they just don't like they're on comic anymore. But I'll... try to not do that. I'm going to try my best to finish this thing. And afterwards, I hope to start a new comic. One where I'll actually plan ahead, and make sure that I'll stay interested in it. In the meantime, sorry, but you're going to have to deal with my slow-ness.
@lancer1520: I know, right? Not even a pile of dirt beside it. Tani is good.
That's a hole by the peacock.
@pinecat: Clearly this is an abusive relationship and Tani needs help.

Can't believe I didn't think of drawing a chow chow earlier! Such neat looking dogs. <3
Now you dump him, Tani.

Also, if you wanna know why this page took so long...
@MoogleSam: The world may never know! Oh wait... yeah, we will know. We'll find out eventually why Tani has such terrible taste in friends.
Awww, his expression and pose. <3 Poor thing.
@WinterDragon: He can't help it. He was born a jerk, and he shall always be a jerk.

And yeah, more realistic is what I was going for. :)
This is Adi:

Also, tried a new way of doing deer noses. I actually kinda like it. Also tried coloring the lines. Lemme know what you think.
@pinecat: Nope. Adi's an asshole.