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And that concludes chapter 2!

Unfortunately this means that Iron Empress will be going on hiatus while I work on chapter 3. Please check @solosetup on twitter for updates.

Thanks for reading!
@Tanako: this is going to sound really nerdy but I get my inspiration for costumes mainly from the early Italian Renaissance :) Thrown in there are some modifications from tv shows set during or about that time (Borgias etc) + whatever I think looks good.
@munen: thank you!
@FMR: Thanks, I'm glad you think so! I spent the most time getting them right!
@Ink-Soturisi: Thank you! I look forward to drawing more!
Special color page! Why do stained glass windows in black and white right?
@joolita: haha thank you!
@munen: thank you!!!
@chouetteeffraie: thank you, it's a lot of work!
@munen: thank you! that one took several redraws to get right!
@Tanako: thank you!
bye dad
@Hjels: thank you!!
@munen: thanks, it was a lot of work!
@Hjels: thank you, that means a lot to me ;--;
@joolita: haha thanks!
Short hiatus is officially over! Now excuse me while I get back to work on more pages (and roughs and designs and castles and O-O )
Going a short hiatus, more details in the latest news post ->